While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping

Sleep is a necessity, but missing out on gaming news whilst sleeping? Unthinkable. While You Were Sleeping is your chance to catch up on worldwide news that occurred while you were in your bed catching Zs.

We’ve long known that Shigeru Miyamoto actually hand drew all the designs for the original Super Mario Bros. – the old fashioned way – but it’s another thing to actually see them. This is a genuine piece of video game history, and you can check it out here.

For those who were sweating over the minimum specs for Crysis 2, you can be put out of your misery here.

These are some incredible new screenshots from Batman: Arkham City, this Bulletstorm trailer takes the piss out of Call of Duty, and Minecraft comes to the iPhone – but you’ll probably hate it!

In Short Crysis 2 Starts Spreading The Minimum Spec News Duty Calls Is A Quick And Brutal Stab At Call Of Duty Two Face Wants You Minecraft Comes To iPhone With Hate Mail Inciting Twist Witness The Birth Of Super Mario Bros.



    All things splendid! A very funny Call Of Duty
    parody; very Team America: World Police. Might
    i add, there is something so much more attractive and
    charming about hand-drawn design art; maybe it’s just
    because it looks . . . more human?
    Speaking of good design, I think Minecraft achieves
    something unique with is magnificently unstructured
    experience. Truly open world. Simple design as a
    portal to the level of complexity the user desires.
    Inspired design entirely dependent and generated upon
    user interaction, but iPhone world explorer? Do not
    want. Maybe when I am a more obsessed brand of addict.
    Such a splendid round-up of stories!
    Jolly good.

  • Sandra Bullock vanished from her While You
    Were Sleeping post. That’s the cold hard truth.
    Stop crying! She’s probably still
    alive. But, until we know for certain, it’s probably best
    to just keep talking movies – right in the spot where
    she went missing; start looking for clues and allow me to introduce – The Popcorn Projector.

    The Popcorn Projector:

    Thursday, February 3, 2011
    What’s Popping Today?
    Vanilla Sky (2001) –
    The Director?
    Cameron Crowe.
    The Stars?
    Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz.
    Cameron Diaz tries to kill Tom Cruise. Penelope Cruz
    turns into Cameron Diaz and Cameron Diaz turns into
    Penelope Cruz. Tom Cruise is wearing a mask and
    Tom Cruise is charged with a murder he doesn’t
    even remember. Oh baby, baby! Push-it real hard!
    A Critic said what?
    Probably the most garishly masochistic star turn
    since Mel Gibson’s The Man Without a Face. It could
    also be the most baroque chick flick ever made, the
    freakazoid spawn of An Affair to Remember and
    The Matrix.

    Peter Rainer.
    New York Magazine
    How hot is the Soundtrack?
    Too hot. Totally hot; Knight Rider hot.
    Oh no he didn’t:
    Kurt Russell agreed to do the movie
    without reading the script. That’s gotta hurt!
    And if you haven’t seen it:
    See the movie everybody hated. But do you know what? I don’t like this movie; I love it!
    Guest reviewer #1 Jenny said:
    It was f*cking sh*t. You’re wasting my time. F*ck
    you, I’m going home.
    Tom Cruise explains a little motto he now likes to
    live by after the . . . unpleasantness . . .
    on the bridge . . . with . . . Cameron Diaz. . . or was it?

    Doc, once you’ve been driven off a bridge at
    80 miles an hour, somehow you don’t invite
    happiness in without a full body search.
    In the end?
    Vanilla Sky is good . . . for nothing. But also fun.
    Find out why at your local video library today!!!
    What in Blue Blazes Does this have to do with
    video games?
    Everything and nothing. But more correctly: everything.
    Vanilla Sky represents the very pinnacle of a
    biological virtual reality; the user hardwired into the
    A terrifying glimpse into a very real futuristic calamity?
    A dystopian vision of fractured reality and a virtual
    engineered parallel existence?
    Maybe. Maybe not. How the heck am i
    supposed to know?
    The Vanilla Sky Love Meter Said:

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