While You Were Sleeping

I'm just about to fly out to GDC, and it's Sunday afternoon - so excuse me if this is more like 'While You Were Watching Video Hits Eating Weet-Bix' than 'While You Were Sleeping'. But needs must, and here's all the interesting stuff that happened over the weekend!

It's all about the 3DS, as some of our Kotaku US guys get their hands on the 3DS in Japan. We have a pretty extensive hardware review here, and for a guide to how to play the 3DS with the least amount of barfage possible, check here.

GTA V is probably in development - you'd expect - and this list of crazy domain names recently registered by Rockstar is probably testament to that fact. The Mass Effect art is incredible, and We Dare gets a demake before it's even released!

In Short The Nintendo 3DS Is Stylish, Grown Up And Flawed How To Keep Your Barfing And Eye-Melting To A Minimum Rockstar's Nutball Domain Names Can Only Mean Grand Theft Auto V Don't Think Of This As Mass Effect 3 Fan Art The Wii Swingers Game Gets A De-Make


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