Why Can’t Video Games Go To The Grammys?

Why Can’t Video Games Go To The Grammys?

Say what you will about their relevance for popular music these days, but the fact remains the Grammys are still the world’s biggest music awards. So why can’t video games get their own nomination?

Currently, the only way an original composition for a video game can win a Grammy is if its nominated alongside other mediums. So, for example, an orchestral piece made for Mass Effect 2 would need to be nominated for “Best Score for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media”.

Another category games have been “relegated” to – and one that includes an actual nomination this year – is “Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s)”, where again, it has to go up against songs from other mediums.

In an effort to get games a little more recognition, publisher Electronic Arts is asking The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences to add a 110th category to the prestigious awards night: “Best Video Game Score”.

“This generalization of ‘Other Visual Media’ isn’t merely an insult to the video game industry, but a blatant dismissal of these composers and their work,” says EA’sSteve Schnur.

“So many Hollywood composers — who are no strangers to Grammys, Emmys and the Oscars — are choosing to create their most exciting work in a clearly defined field that is far more than a ‘visual media.’ And all of them will agree that the current situation must be rectified immediately.”

Man has a point. I actually listen to a lot of soundtracks (from movies, games and TV), as they make great work music when you’re at a computer all day, and those from recent games like Red Dead Redemption are right up there with the best of them.

Electronic Arts, Composers Push for ‘Best Video Game Score’ Grammy Category [THR]


  • Because the grammy’s are a massive joke and nobody outside of Los Angeles who knows anything about music pays attention to them. It’s a massive circle-jerk of manufactured stardom, and something that video games don’t need to be associated with. That’s why winning a Golden Globe or an Academy Award for best song for a motion picture or best score is worth much much more than a grammy could ever be worth. It’s not something the medium needs to be associated with.

    • I kinda LOL’d cause you mentioned the Golden Globes.

      The ‘legit’ award ceremonies are those of either the Oscars, when they wanna be and the Guilds/Critics Awards.

      An actor would definitely prefer a Screen Actors Award compared to a globe – you are, amongst your peers the Best Actor/Actress as opposed to a handful of journalists.

      • Yes, the Academy Awards are worth a lot more than the Golden Globes – but the Grammys don’t have anything on either of them. It’s glorified, televised industry masturbation.

        • Oh I agree with at the most. There’s way too many categories, over 100 obviously but only air something like 10 awards.
          They need to cut the categories, but a lot of the unknown ones are where the talent lies.

          They nominate the main ones to artists that draw attention and ratings. Gaga in Album of the Year? Really? Last I heard she ripped off Madonna…

          I would say Globes are Grammy’s are equal, I don’t dare put them above the other considering this years nominee’s in Musical/Comedy alone. They’re worse when it comes to nominating for ratings considering how much they slide year by year.

          The winner from that category did deserve it and I don’t tend to go by Rotten Tomatoes to judge how good a film is, but 4 of the 5 didn’t score above 80% – heck Alice in Wonderland was nominated and everyone knows how terrible that was! TV’s the Globes tend to get right, films not so much!

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