Why Conan O'Brien Isn't Hosting An Xbox Live Show

Talk show Conan 0'Brien landed at cable network TBS after a brouhaha broke out on the Tonight Show. As previously posted, O'Brien could've inked a deal for Xbox Live, but didn't. His producer now finally explains why.

"The Xbox thing - a lot of the conversations were 'well, it's a show, but it's not a show and there are no breaks, but maybe there are breaks and it's not 60 minutes, it's this' and nobody really knew what it was," Conan's producer Jeff Ross tells Gamasutra. "So it was really going to be a leap of faith to jump in with these guys and figure something out which we didn't know. Plus there were 100 people who were out of jobs and that didn't bode well for that."

According to Gamasutra, the talks between Conan's people and Microsoft did address just how important the internet is. And while Ross did acknowledge that it would be great to be involved like something like the proposed show, the choice was eventually made to go to TBS. "But we knew we had to be involved in the technology side," Ross added. "We knew we had to be involved in the internet no matter what we did."

Conan, who was ungraciously dismissed from he Tonight Show, did experience the full effect of internet with viral support campaigns like "I'm with Coco", created by I Am 8-Bit. What's more, Conan was able to leverage Twitter-following, as opposed to being followed, into news. While Xbox Live didn't pan out for Conan, the power of the internet sure did.

Behind The Scenes: Microsoft's Attempt To Woo Conan O'Brien For Xbox Live [Gamasutra]


    Why would someone who had hosted his own talk show for 15+ years, move on to do a talk show over Xbox Live?
    Just a rant - Conan O'brien is a selfish ass. Playing the victim when its as simple as his show failed in comparison to Jay Leno.

      I laughed, bickles you so crazy.

      Definitely make a point there. His Late Show wasn't that superior to the Late Late show after Letterman. But its true in the sense that he failed to hold on the the viewership Leno (for some reason) had. It was all still the same show with a new host.

      Then Leno came back, who is a douche really, and everyone all of a sudden felt sorry for Conan who they never paid attention to anyway. If people in the US watched his show it may have never happened but now he is even more successful with his new show so it paid off.

      WITH THAT SAID - neither Leno or Conan are that great anyway. I'm definitely a Letterman fan. Conan is more tolerable than Leno however but both their shows are lame. Yeah Letterman cracks some lame jokes, well a lot of them but the show is produced in such a superior way to either Leno or Conan. Majority of these shows are run but cue-cards. You can see Leno reading them - most of Conan's jokes are lame he stops and chuckles are the lameness and the fact the audience didnt really laugh. When Letterman cracks one the audience still laugh, mostly at the lameness & the producers encouraging the people - it makes it a more pleasant experience to watch on TV. I dont wanna watch two hosts who cant make people laugh with unfunny jokes - get better writers. You can almost here the audience coughing in the background of their shows. Maybe it's also the sound & staging of Lettermans which makes it feel like a large-scale Talk Show.

      Case point: Letterman is the MAN!

    Bickles, I advise you to do some research re. ratings and the actual situation before you spout nonsense like that. For your information, Leno's ratings have never been worse than they are now.

      Perhaps, but they are still better than Conans failed Tonight Show.

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