Why You Shouldn't Threaten School Massacres Over Xbox Live

A teenager from Maryland thought it would be a good idea to get hold of somebody else's Xbox Live login details then send over 100 messages threatening to turn up to school with a gun and start shooting. It wasn't.

Instead, the boy has been arrested, after police (with help from Microsoft) were able to quickly determine that the source of the messages was not the the boy who owned the account, but a boy who had got hold of his login details following a game of Madden over Xbox Live.

The threatening messages, sent to nearly 100 students of Berkeley Heights High School, said that he "was going to bring a gun to school the following day and would be shooting fellow students."

While there was never any real intent on the part of the charged teenager to do such a thing (with Police convinced it was merely a prank), the story still bears attention, both for the fact it serves as a reminder that making violent threats is a stupid thing to do, and that you shouldn't talk to anybody over Xbox Live. Ever.

Maryland teenager charged with making threat against Berkeley Heights students [Union, via Dtoid]


    This is why video games get associated with violence all the time. Congrats American kid.

    I'm 12 and I know how to use a gun!
    oh wait is this in America, then my above comment is irrelevant.

    Thank you random American kid for giving the gaming industry more bad rep. Well Done!

    I choose to think of this as a political statement made my a disillusioned youth who has opened their eyes to the world and wants to hold up a big sign that says "WTF?!" ...because frankly the alternative is someone's incredably stupid.

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