Wii Dare – Proof This Truly Is A Mad World

Wii Dare – Proof This Truly Is A Mad World

Wii Dare – Proof This Truly Is A Mad WorldThis week has undoubtedly been a week of incredible trailers. We’ve had the Dead Island trailer and then, this morning, had our very first look at the incredible new Skyrim teaser. The Wii Dare clip, however, is a teaser for all the wrong reasons. If you haven’t seen it yet, prepare to have your mind blown. PRO TIP: click on each of the ‘parental codes’ for different ‘endings’ – and then come back and check out this bizarre parody version.

Replacing the ‘funky’ porn sountrack of the original trailer with the ‘Mad World’ cover version used on the iconic Gears of War trailer put a weirdly hilarious new spin on what is sure to become a classic trailer.

I have quite literally no idea what to make of Wii Dare. Who will buy it? It might have some traction in Europe. It truly is a game that could only have been created by a French video game company.

Will you be buying Wii Dare? What do you guys think? I have to commend Ubisoft for attempting to corner a market I didn’t even know existed…


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