Will Wright: YouTube Is The Collective Dreams Of A World

Will Wright: Game designer, Montessori adherent, Robot Wars Champion... YouTube Curator?

Earlier this week Wright announced that he has been asked to start curating YouTube, something he says is a little odd because he thinks it defeats the purpose of the video-viewing service.

"YouTube in a sense to me represents the collective dreams of a world," he says.

He also points out that all of those millions of user-created videos gives us all a "funny insight" into what the plugged-in portion of humanity likes watching, making and sharing.

What would that be Wright? Do tell?

1. We like kittens. 2. Watching people do very stupid things. 3. Occasionally we like seeing things that could be described as art.


    4. Bieber

    You know its true.

      We will deny it to the last man!

    My ex-girlfriends sisters went to a Montessori school and they turned out as looney as this tripper!

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