Win! A Sony Bravia 3DTV Thanks To de Blob 2!

This probably one of the biggest competitions we've run on Kotaku since I've been here. Thanks to THQ and de Blob 2, we're giving away a Sony Bravia 46-inch 3DTV - details on how to enter and win can be found below. Today is your last chance folks!

But first the sweet, sweet swag.

1st Prize 1x Sony Bravia KDL-46HX800 2x TDGBR100B 3D Glasses: 1x TMRBR100 3D Transmitter 1x PlayStation 3 1x Copy of de Blob 2

Runners Up 5x Copy of de Blob 2 5x de Blob 2 poster 5x de Blob figurine

Since it's such a huge prize, I want to make sure that as many people as possible can get involved. Therefore entering the competition is simple: you must invent a new colour and name it. As simple as that - drop your entries (no more than three per person) into the comments below and we'll chose the winner by the end of next week.

Good luck everyone.

Terms and Conditions can be found here.


    Whilba - A blackend shade of white

    BOOM! its the colour of awesome

    Omega - a combination of 360 colours for each degree of view.

    Pikablu - a silvery blue that can only be described by finding the pokemon.

    Whiteling - an electric white (think fluro white)

    The Wildgoose: A hypnotic color that tells you to play Deus Ex Far Cry 2 or Minecraft

    Kind of like orange but with less orange to it and more borange.
    Often associated with the hilderbeast which is alternately coloured borange and glorp.

    Esiguise - A kind of silver-red that you can never quite understand, but very beautiful to see.

    Brown. It will completely re-invent the shooter...


    A sort of anti-colour that repels all other colours aside from the purest white, as if they were boats approaching an unwelcome shore. Some say it even has a slight warping effect on the space-time continuum and has been known to set progress back by years at a time.

    IMAAAGINAAATIOOOOON = mix of colour of rainbow.

    iwillneverwin = colour for losers like me

    noobnewb = colour to indicates noob

    yeah i have no idea

    Entry #2

    It's this really indie colour. But it's totally underground. Sooo avant-garde. You've probably never heard of it before... trust me.

    Blue and red are too mainstream anyway, right?

    Only have one colour at the moment:

    France - A colour that always runs at the first sign of conflict with other colours.

      Warshaw White - The colour Howard Warshaw went when told he had 6 weeks to develop E.T for the atari 2600 in time for christmas.

      Atared - was the colour of a video game industry in 1983.

    I call mine Amber-Renewal, it a mix of black, amber and a intense gold. Its the colour when you heat up metal and you find that dark amber glow, but with a hit of intense gold to make it sparkle.

    Po'kemon Red

    It's the color red... but with po'kemon! One of the variety of colours (and minerals) that Nintendo and Game Freak have discovered and abused in order to tell the story of the little rats that could :)...sniff.

    Entry #1 :Snookella. It's a radioactive tanned orange colour. No matter from which angle it is viewed, it looks Douchey.

    Entry #2: Fureen. That furry lime green tinge you spot on a loaf of bread causing you to throw it out.

    Entry #3. Fabook Red. It's that colour you catch in the corner of your eye when on Facebook when one of those little icons at the top turn red, indicating a request or comment.

    BSOD Blue - instead of being a calming cool colour, the blue infuriates all who look at it.

    Bluck- the default colour name for anything which is too far away or not illuminated enough to know its actual colour.

    Say if you look out the window in the evening, you go "what is that bluck thing hanging on the washing line?" Then, once you can properly see it, you say,"oh, it's a white hat."

    Solart - the color you see when you stare into the nuclear heart of a star. (Warning: maybe all you see for the rest of your life).

    Borple. The colour of black that is so black that it become even more dark than black and moves into a kind of weird ultra purple black colour.
    Also the colour that haunted my nightmares for years as Borple blobs exploded out of my eyes and covered my throat suffocating me. Unfun times


    Triwavelight. The colour of everything when you turn our 3rd dimension sideways and look at it from a sideways view. Not so much a colour as it is the light spectrum viewed geometricly.

    sonyple - its not quite purple, but combines 'sony' and 'purple' and sounds like nipple, so when you see sonyple - its a little bit naughty, but a little bit nice :)

    1st entry repeated (got deleted due bad link):

    deBravony: it is the Sony/Bravia gloss black piano finish in it's purest most fingerprint free (amirite?) form, but in an aqueous form resembling the consistency of mercury and spreading sleek bLack colour to everything it comes in contact with.

    iawekool: To even speak the name of this colour will incur an Apple ussage fee and is a capital offence for all persons without an itunes account. "It was only a matter of time, after Apple aquired the UN, and the political movement 'Right Click' was relabled a terrorist organisation." Larry Page tearfully recounted when asked for comment before his execution.

    This colour has often been said to make ones eyes bleed if not adequately prepared however no historic proof has been found to verify such a statement.

    One case stufy perfomed in may-dec 2023 at the university of New-Sydney, Russia had great difficulties when scientists were unable to addequately quantify the specifics of the colour. "The basic description given by all 247 volunteers was hauntingly similar however each had a unique perception of the colour which became more apparent after they were asked to elaborate on details. Shockingly in our follow up study 7 months later we found that participants' descriptions upon being shown iawekool again varried, often a great deal from thier initial impressions.

    noobirus: the colour that comes up on your screen when you delete system 32 (try it out kids!)

    lolcatius: the story behind this colour is that one day, scientists where experimenting on the fusion of internet memes, in there madness, they decided to fuse the "i can haz cheezburger" cat and keyboard cat together. the fused cat had a coat of fur like no other, and they named this fur colour lolcatius.

    long exposure to the colour can cause
    1) poor Spelling
    2) hunger for cheeseburgers
    3) excellent piano skills
    4) tendency to jump in boxes
    5) immense enjoyment of tuna
    6) Hairy Nipples

    littleshitiris: this is the colour that children turn into when they want to buy violent video games, but taren't able to play it when parents see this colour, they are hypnotised to buy the game and a microphone, so there child can trash-talk some n00bs on call of duty.

    There are a number of colours not yet recorded by any scientific method, which can be observed in the context of something I'd like to call: 'video game synaesthesia'.

    That is, the shades and accompanying emotions a synaesthete may experience in relation to a particular games console:

    Nintendo Bittersweet: The tint (some might say almost rose) that envelops the screen every time you play a Nintendo game on Virtual Console or new release quasi-remake, making the experience pleasantly nostalgic but never on par with your initial wonderment years ago.

    CrimSony: The almost criminal dark red hue that envelops ones eyes the moment they tamper with their own Playstation 3 with any sort of custom firmware, even just to restore previously removed functionality; as Sony is wont to believe. Also, causes sudden urges to spout vitriol in rhyme (see Geohot).

    (Micro-) Soft Red: Only seen when (in particularly cruel circumstances) consecutive Xboxes are bricked by Red Rings of Death in quick succession; where a soft red, almost pink really, pattern of 3/4 circles is permanently burned, either physically or purely psychologically, into the retina . Accompanied by complete loss of faith in all humanity/excessive rage.

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