Win! A Sony Bravia 3DTV Thanks To de Blob 2!

This probably one of the biggest competitions we've run on Kotaku since I've been here. Thanks to THQ and de Blob 2, we're giving away a Sony Bravia 46-inch 3DTV - details on how to enter and win can be found below. Today is your last chance folks!

But first the sweet, sweet swag.

1st Prize 1x Sony Bravia KDL-46HX800 2x TDGBR100B 3D Glasses: 1x TMRBR100 3D Transmitter 1x PlayStation 3 1x Copy of de Blob 2

Runners Up 5x Copy of de Blob 2 5x de Blob 2 poster 5x de Blob figurine

Since it's such a huge prize, I want to make sure that as many people as possible can get involved. Therefore entering the competition is simple: you must invent a new colour and name it. As simple as that - drop your entries (no more than three per person) into the comments below and we'll chose the winner by the end of next week.

Good luck everyone.

Terms and Conditions can be found here.


    Babycryin - After recently becoming a father for the first time I now know well what this colour is. It varies in shade from a pinkish red to a deep crimson depending on severity. Would be useful for Warning signs etc. if its shade-changing ability could be harnessed.

    3rd entry:


    A bright greenish colour that reminds the viewer of the freedom of running in fields in the spring. This colour is especially accentuated when contrasted to sunflower yellow, sky blue, and stone grey.

    Freen is not the green of illness or envy, it is the green of life.

    Leblob - Leblob is that complex shade of pale white flesh that is seen every time someone obese goes to the beach. More than just a shade of white Leblob encompasses secondary colours within the pasty mess, including 'varicose vein blue' and 'stretch mark grey'. Leblob gives off a depressing feel that makes you question every mcnugget and deep fried wattle you eat.

    That one color you see, that is impossible to describe, you know the one when you rub your eyes or when you are low on blood sugar and stand up.

    That ever changing starry nebula of colors that defy words.

    The one that is so brief yet so long, that makes you feel like you are hurtling into distance space yet vanishes in an instant.

    The colour that you can focus on so clearly but vanishes when you try.

    The polar opposite of a rainbow, it has every colour, yet none.

    What I presume is the colour of magic.

    The colour that is uniquely yours.

    Dreams - Contrary to what people believe, dreams do have a colour. We see it all the time, but interestingly it is usually only possible to see this colour once they the dreams have been broken.

    For example: go to a spelling competition and wait for the kid who has clearly dedicated too much of his time to spelling [not like he had to worry, he is obviously a nerd so he has plenty of time to spare] stuff up on a word even his obnoxious soccer parents could spell. The colour of his tears is a watered down form of the colour of dreams, suitably broken so we can see it in our spectrum. [NOTE: ALL OTHER BODILY FLUIDS ARE NOT ASSOCIATED.]

    It doesn't require a broken dream, the tears we see a marathon runner cry as they run up the final straight to victory count... but the colour is so much more meaningful when its due to failure.


    This is a red tinge that changes hue whether you stand to the right or the left.


    This colour is best represented as the sad feeling you get when you know that life has decided to kick you in the privates. Characterised by a sombre feeling inside, and is best represented with a wet red, similar to maroon. This colour is found when you realize the hard truths of reality, like the fact that she will never love you, and that you'll be alone forever. It is also seen in competitions, where you know that you just can't win, but you'll enter anyway, if only to get pity from other people about just how sad and meaningless your life really is.

    Alternately, the colour of blood on your shirt after you punch a moose, and then face the consequences, but let's pretend I didn't say that.

    Verudder - the colour of a farmers face after he's chosen to garner his milk in the simplest way - sucking straight from the lactating teats of a cow. A bright red colour, flecked with dried up colostrum.

    Named after a mediocre series of Japanese dating Sims, 'Blah' is one of the most nostalgic colours eschewing a genuine post-pastal hue from Australia. But you wouldn't know it, with the brilliantly continent shifting affected subtle tones; the friendly accent is a ingenious reconstruction of the way RPG's used to palate their colour schemes in the mid 90's. It transports you to the saturation of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and TIE fighter, circa 94. This is clearly a 'glory' colour, interpolating the empty '80's mantra of 'gloss' and 'brightness' between a colour borrowed from John Romero's palate for Quake and Heretic - i.e. those post-shaded colours which shed power and violence (sometimes coupled) for a more introspective, and some would eventually say pitying, hue. Blah's interpolation is seen through the spasmodic and superfluous uses and pretensions towards gratuitous tonal lime-lighting. At the heart of the colour is a mordant excuse for masculinity. This is a colour going above the spectrum, re-enacting the past in the name of higher revelation. We cannot overcome our humanity, despite colours such as Blah.

      My post is inspired by the De blob 2 alien invader Comrade Black.

    F***ing Radical Orange - Hi-Vis orange, as used on road worker vests and the like, repurposed for the extreme sports market. The catchy name will hook all the kids.

    Blob:Good hearted=color:pink light
    If we mix all the colors we have: Clarelgrappick

    Thought i might give it a shot seeing as how massive and awesome the prize pack is :O.

    1. Boganium.
    A shiny metallic fluorescent yellow. The sheer sight of Boganium sparks excitement within a select few. The metallic lustre incites ideas of tough, loud machinery, whilst the colour itself reminds the viewer of how patriotic one can be whilst holding a stubby in one hand and driving 30km/h over the speed limit with the other.

    2. DragonballoverdoseZ.
    This colour occured when I attempted to watch the entire series of DragonBall z from start to finish. Essentially it was a combination of a deathly white and red blotches (no doubt from where my body started to give up after the 6th hour of "I NEED MORE POWER, YOU JUST WAIT UNTIL I HAVE MORE POWER HUUUrrUURRRRgrrGGhRRRGHHRHRHRHGHH!!!!!! -next time on DragonBall Z- uuUUuuUURRGHHrrURghhhUUURGHH!!!!!")

    3. Lovecraftian Dread
    Lovecraftian Dread is the colour you see when you finish up reading the Necronomicon for the night, step out into the dark hallway and wait for your eyes to adjust. It isn't exactly pitch black, but devoid enough so that your eyes can see the quickly shifting shadows as you desperately search for the light switch.

    1. shadow: Somewhere between black and white. It is quite a ninja colour therefore very hard to explain.

    2. gromit: A very nice green colour with a hint of vomit.

    3. rangulia: julia gillard's hair

    Madness/Hysteria: The colour your eyes start seeing after judging an endless amount of entries into a comptetion on inventing a new colour.

    Vereen - The extreme shade of ultra-envious-green that my face will turn when I hear who won this competition.

    Bolbed-the colour of the resistance finally defeating its oppressors.

    Noitcafder-the colour of open world destruction

    worstnias- the colour of batshit craziness.

    i thought that the judging was meant to begin at 9am today, as per the T&Cs :\

    "I shouldn't have had so many Daiquiris"

    Satisfilimon. A faint reddish yellow glow. Said to be visible by psychics and fortune tellers around ones face when successfully completing a challenging task. Examples include difficult assignments, troublesome experiments and mind bendingly difficult levels in indie platformers.

    It's the colour of the fourth dimension


    Looks fantastic when seen from afar but most find it on closer inspection to be quite repulsive.

    This colour is often found decorating public taverns and local clubs.


    Sometimes it's seen, sometimes it's not, sometimes it's milky and sometimes it's snot.

      Haha I like this one. :)

    Oompalumpus the colour that shrouds young womens bodies in an effort for attention from passerbyers who sigh unable to compute such ridiculousness.

    Hi Mark
    Figured your eyes are bleeding and your brain is hurting by this stage. Take a break watch this

    You may continue now

    Dreamfall: The colour that you see just as you wake up from a dream where you are falling. Often accompanied by flailing of the limbs and a thump as you actually fall out of bed. Disorientation is common after seeing this colour. (This is not a symptom of 3D)

    Color: This is the colour that people see when they see the word "colour" spelled incorrectly. This colour is often accompanied by a of loss of faith of humanity and general nausea. (DO NOT VIEW THIS COLOUR IN 3D - MAY CAUSE DEATH) A similar colour can also be seen when looking at words such as when honour is spelled incorrectly.

    Starry: This colour is named not for what you see but the expression that you see when you see someone seeing it. It is often visible to the external viewer by glassy eyes and multiple pointed stars floating across a persons eyes. This is often accompanied by either a dazed appearance or extreme excitement. The winner of this competition would likely see this colour for example.

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