Win! A Sony Bravia 3DTV Thanks To de Blob 2!

This probably one of the biggest competitions we've run on Kotaku since I've been here. Thanks to THQ and de Blob 2, we're giving away a Sony Bravia 46-inch 3DTV - details on how to enter and win can be found below. Today is your last chance folks!

But first the sweet, sweet swag.

1st Prize 1x Sony Bravia KDL-46HX800 2x TDGBR100B 3D Glasses: 1x TMRBR100 3D Transmitter 1x PlayStation 3 1x Copy of de Blob 2

Runners Up 5x Copy of de Blob 2 5x de Blob 2 poster 5x de Blob figurine

Since it's such a huge prize, I want to make sure that as many people as possible can get involved. Therefore entering the competition is simple: you must invent a new colour and name it. As simple as that - drop your entries (no more than three per person) into the comments below and we'll chose the winner by the end of next week.

Good luck everyone.

Terms and Conditions can be found here.


    "Invisara" ive included a sample of what this colour looks like below

    wow this is a sweet prize

    Dando. A colour that only dogs can see. Even though we perceive dogs as being able to only see in black and white, dogs in actuality have a much wider spectrum of colours that they can look at... minus our own.

    Dogs typically see shades of dando on grass. But as an example of their wider variety of colours, they see the colours trefleg on leaves, and spoker on limes.

    Blellow! A mix of blue and yellow making a unique and cool looking green type colour.

    A cookie to whoever gets the reference!

      Btw, the T&C need some edits.

      "The promotion commences 14.00pm AEDT on 17 February, 2011 and closes at 11.59pm AEDT on 23 January, 2011"


        also rule 6. "De Blub 2"

    Fail City: The first colour you see when you realise you just wasted a whole weekend eating doritoes and playing Fifa 11.

    NOT a true story.

      Definitely not. And I've never seen the colour while pushing Man U. through a Premiership season.

    Colors are nothing more than waves of light that are of specific lengths. The formula for light is as such:

    λ = X

    Where λ is the lambda symbol representing wave length, and X is a unit measured in nanometers. For example, red would be λ = ~625-740nm. Where 625nm is the lower limit for red, and 740nm is the upper limit.

    λ(x,y,z) = x√(-1) + y√(-1) + z√(-1)

    In this equation, you can see that the length of the light wave for my new color, is a function of x,y & z. The x, y and z are multiplied by the imaginary number √(-1). In mathematics this represents a theoretical three dimensional light wave, a light wave having lengths in three dimensions.

    My new color, using the above function ( λ(x,y,z) = x√(-1) + y√(-1) + z√(-1) ) , is as follows:


    I call this color, cosmic twist, and its peculiar features include: the appearance of being orange-red when the light particle hits the eye at an angle parallel to its X-axis, the appearance of being invisible when it hits the eye at an parallel to its Y-axis, and the appearance of being a deep violet when it hits the eye at an angle parallel to its Z-axis.

    Of course this color, in fact 3D light waves in general, haven't been found to exist in nature (as yet so far), but I imagine a 3D television would greatly assist me in my efforts to find an instance of such a light particle.

    Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my theoretical color.

      You seem to have devised a purely imaginary colour. You could, however, rotate your axes by pi/2 counterclockwise (in the complex plane) to produce a real equivalent...

        And by counterclockwise, I mean clockwise. Negative wavelengths are not pleasant.

        I was thinking applying a projection transformation would provide a real equivalent, rather than simply swapping the length of each axis from a fixed point of view. However a projection would yield different results dependent upon the plane to which the projection is based, thus I prefer to describe my colour as it is in its hypothetical state, and not have my description be tied down to only describing its properties when projected onto a specific plane of reference.


    Sighted only a few times. Brorange is a colour when two related red-headed stepbrothers (or stepsisters) clash heads in an intense tampoline bounce off. The mish-mash of crumpled bodies laying on a trampoline, red hair colour, bloodied craniums and intense sunlight. A sight for sore eyes.

    Phosfiend: A visual effect which derives it's inspiration within the eye itself. Characterised by the experience of seeing light without light actually entering the eye (i.e. when rubbing your eyes).

    An aurora australis radioactive green with shimmers of purple and yellow.

    im gonna name mine like paint colours

    baby brown - a pleasant light greenish brown colour. name says it all.

    blinding white - a type of white that if you stare at long enough its as if it isnt there.

    Kotaku Green - a light yellowish green with hints of red and black making an ominous presence.

    Shlorf - The colour which causes arguments between the even best of friends over whether the fabric of "shlorf" coloured pants are a shade of grey, blue or a grey-ish blue. In the sun it appears to be green, in the fridge-light it appears to be mudskipper-close-to-asphyxiation-in-a-muddy-pool-of-almost-but-not-quite-expired-Dr-Pepper brown, yet in a well-lit bathroom it resembles the face of your first born child. However, "shlorf" is just what it is - "shlorf".

    Man, I don't think I have a shot with this one. Just a quick entry then:

    My coulour would be called "ArgeyBee" (RGB) It's actually not a static colour and is only achieved by cycling through Red Green and Blue really really fast. The intense flashing of colours helps trigger an epileptic fit, which is the only way to see this magical colour.

    Depending on ambient light, can easily be mistaken for other colours. Commonly used to colour bomb defusal wires.

    'Assange' similar to Orange only in pronunciation - 'Assange', from the lesser known 'controversial' end of the spectrum, has a silvery tone but what makes it so unique how it makes other colours react - able to draw out the darkness from the red white and blue.

    Another unique property is it's the only colour to envoke a sound, people have said to have heard the sound of a 'whistle' blowing when they see 'Assange'

    but don't try and paint your walls with it, it'll leak everywhere.

    Diablorange - This is the colour of hope and excitement revealed to you a few years ago... but now you can't quite remember what it looks like.

    Fallout Grey - A bleak, dread-filled grey giving a feeling of barren, monotonous despair.

    Portal Blue - a bright, rich blue, that upon seeing mesmerizes and silences.

    Sackboy Brown - the funnest, most hilarious brown you ever did see.

    Grack. The colour that old crummy televisions want you to believe is black, but we all know is much closer to dark grey...


    *troll face*

    1) The Omnicolour: Nobody can quite say just what colour the Omnicolour most resembles, as it appears uniquely different to everyone that views it.

    2) Backin: A shade of black so dark that if the sky was this colour, it would cause people to 'get high'.

      By the by, that second one is an AC/DC reference...

    Blobelicious, Blobedelic or Blobtastic - the colour of the rainbow blob above.

    "Funkalicious X"

    The colour which De Blob chooses for his own bedroom which highly impresses his lady-friends. 3D glasses must be worn in order to be able to see this colour, and when it is viewed it immediately invokes a sense of funky synesthesia resulting in some amazing 3D dance parties.


    That colour of absolute awesome that can only be seen on dimensions "8" and "16-bit"! It is the colour entirely responsible for the miracle of gaming being created and henceforth loved. Yet with great games come the terrible few, console warring and trollface; and so it was written retrowoah would be in constant turmoil with itself, able to display legends of a simple man with a pack as well as terrors such as the extraterrestrial. In other cultures and concepts, retrowoah embodies the constant sparring of paradise and purgatory, with man in the middle deciding just which game he shall play today!

    1) Smurple - Just like purple, except slightly different to avoid trademark issues with Cadbury, 3M and Prince

    2) Grack - The grayish not-quite-black that a low-quality lcd monitor or TV tries to pass off as black.

    The Politician - This colour is mostly a pale yellow with flecks of brown.

    Annoying - Annoying is the colour of the image you see when you stare at a light source for too long.

    The colour that embodies the shape of the light you've accidently or purposely stared upon. The colour that when you instantly look away, emits a bright neon green and dark reddish hue on whatever you're trying to focus on. The colour that flashes green when you blink rapidly. The colour that stays looking right back at you when your eyes are closed, slowly shifting from green to blue to yellow to red to black and finally white.

    A colour that can't easily be described in words, a colour that refuses to stop changing.

    The colour that ultimately is, Annoying.

    PS. Writing this entry involved some hardcore staring at lights and thus my eyes now hurt... but it was definitely worth it!

    Fun things to do:
    1) Stare at a light to get the full Annoying experience.
    2) Slowly shift your head while still focusing on the light and blink rapidly. Now you'll see lots of shapes (one for each blink) all coloured with Annoying!

    Blimmow. You know how your wife can always remember the colour of the shirt you wore 5 years ago when you were arguing about something. This is the colour you remember it to be.

    Deep Blobalt - A unique bluish hue that is the default colour of Blob protagonists, before invariably getting covered in chromatic madness whilst on their adventures...

      Borring is the bleak greyish-blue of a street filled with rain. Once they started filming Film Noir in colour this was what they used.

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