Win! A Sony Bravia 3DTV Thanks To de Blob 2!

This probably one of the biggest competitions we've run on Kotaku since I've been here. Thanks to THQ and de Blob 2, we're giving away a Sony Bravia 46-inch 3DTV - details on how to enter and win can be found below. Today is your last chance folks!

But first the sweet, sweet swag.

1st Prize 1x Sony Bravia KDL-46HX800 2x TDGBR100B 3D Glasses: 1x TMRBR100 3D Transmitter 1x PlayStation 3 1x Copy of de Blob 2

Runners Up 5x Copy of de Blob 2 5x de Blob 2 poster 5x de Blob figurine

Since it's such a huge prize, I want to make sure that as many people as possible can get involved. Therefore entering the competition is simple: you must invent a new colour and name it. As simple as that - drop your entries (no more than three per person) into the comments below and we'll chose the winner by the end of next week.

Good luck everyone.

Terms and Conditions can be found here.


    'Unconceivablue' a colour that can only be seen with 3D glasses when looking directly at 'Unobtanium' from the planet Pandora- Discovered by James Camaroon

    Marianaqua (R:0, G:1, B:1. #000101): Based on the Mariana Trench, Marianaqua is the colour visible from the bottom of the Mariana Trench: Black with the very slightest tinge of aqua.

    My 3 Colours are!

    A white so intence anyone that looks at it is instantly rendered blind, those lucky few that have experienced it have said it had the intencity of 10,000 suns

    Takeout Red
    Ever noticed how almost every fast food joint has a red colour in there logo? thats Takeout Red your treating your eyes too, its also the colour that blinds you when they dont get your order correct!

    Insomniac Neon
    The colour you see after you blend a drink out
    of the following items:
    - red bull
    - skittles
    - marshmellows
    - An ipod full of rave tunes
    - Tron: Legacy Blu-Ray

    Hychrome - In 2021, Sony RnD take entertainment to new levels with the development of bio-ocular stemsoft technology, enabling humans for the first time not only to experience a broader array of the existing colour spectrum, but the ability to to SYNTHESIZE whole new colours. At launch, their flagship colour is unveiled, "Hychrome". A new form of light that while combining the existing spectrum has the ability to reflect and bend it, weaving a new brilliant surface unknown previously to conscious beings.

    Apathy Eggshell.
    The shade of white paint which is indistinguishable from the previous 32 shades of white which your wife has previously asked your opinion on.

    3Dhazzle- That odd greyish blue haze that appears when around an object that is obviously 3D.

    'Abottricot' a new skin pigment only recently discovered which only manifests itself when the whole body is tensed and the head is intensely nodded for around 1 minute with no speech. Looks good on any furniture backed in to a corner...looks really bad out of context.

    Haemoblobin - The curious physiology of a blob is made all the more wonderful by the striking colour of their blood. Dazzling with a touch of doom.

    Rapturine, a colour not only seen but felt with all of your senses, generally upon hearing great news. Appears to be the same colour as the smell of orange zest, filtered through the elation of unwrapping my SNES on my 10th birthday. A universal colour amongst gamers.

      *Rapturine may or may not be a result of peeing your pants with excitement.

    Blissphoria - It's hard to pinpoint what shades this colour is most similar to, as if seems to be in a constant state of flux. I am yet to see it for myself, but I know it exists - I can feel my insides turning this bright shade whenever I hear de Blob's soundtrack again.

    I would enter but it closed before it started.

    The promotion commences 14.00pm AEDT on 17 February, 2011 and closes at 11.59pm
    AEDT on 23 January, 2011

    Hipsterine - I'll have to describe it, you probably wouldn't know it. A colour that is somehow a plaid pattern of any two colours that shouldn't go together. I coloured in with it before it was cool.


    Hex Code: #55378008

    a colour that only appears when a child taps in the hex code to a calculator and turns it upside down.

    Ephemera - the colour that just doesn't seem to last...

    Obluvitint. This is the color of the perfection and while many claim to know its true form it never seems to stay in the same place, jumping from game to game as if it wasn't even perfection to begin it.

    The colour that is mysteriously formed when your are red with rage and extremely sick at the same time. For example a blackout when you have just defeated a boss and haven't reached the save point yet.

    Energy Drink Wash - Tinged with green, but mostly a dark, heavy urine colour. Promises Energy, fails to deliver.

    Storm Cloud - Deep, dark and foreboding - Often seen in Tropical Cyclones at the horizon of an ocean front beach house, ruining any chances of today's surfing venture.

    Almost Black - Registers as 95K in the CMYK, a very dark, slate-like grey that is almost black, but not quite. It is often used when Black would be too dark and boasts experience in colour theory.

    Virgin Pink - A pink and brown tinge that is reminiscent of early pubescent facial hair but still inexperienced. Often described as a colour that could scream like a little girl, and often seen after a good, old fashion online "pwnage" in Call of Duty games.

    Dried Blood - Usually found on carpets, in the rear seats and storage compartments of vehicles and buried in the great outback of Australia or deserts of Las Vegas in shallow graves. Dark Maroon with a dirty, grief-ridden palette.

    Double Rainbow - Colours so intense, with a variety of primary hues including Red, Orange, Yellow to Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet, in tandem. Rare, but can be seen across the sky. May cause intense feeling of awe causing ecstatic tearful outcries and bursts of joy.

    Facepalm Glow - Seen on the foreheads of much of the population, usually those in customer service or technical support roles. May be confused as a skin condition, however, it is a known symptom of suffering under the idiocy and lack-of-logic statements that the person has to endure. Medical practitioners have noticed that the rise in cases is directly proportional to the number of Internet users who do not use spell check or lack basic grammatical skills as technology evolves.

      The colours I have created resonate my sense of humour, my personal experiences and my understanding of graphical presentation.

        Oops, TL;DR - No more than 3 colours huh?

        From the entries:
        Storm Cloud, Almost Black, Facepalm Glow.

    Entry 1


    The colour of the squiggly line that is visible in your eye just outside of your vision that keeps moving when you try to look at it (as seen below).

    Illusive and mysterious, this colour can not be measured in the traditional sense, exhibiting similarities to measurement in quantum physics; observing the colour changes the actual colour, creating an ever changing, dynamic colour, that can therefore only be identified by name:

    *whispers quietly, [with a gentle breeze rustling leaves on the trees around you at sunset]*


    PS, this is not part of my answer, but seriously who can beat this name.

    Crayola Beaver

    Angeria - The colour of all of the birds in angry birds mixed together.

    Brize = The colour of a blown up car.

    Alpha = A colour that is both grey and white in a checkerboard, while being none of them.

    Braize - Often found in individuals staring in wonderment at stellar visuals found in great games on beautiful displays, braize is the colour that floods over your vision giving you the intellectual capacity of a recently lobotomised zombie. Interaction with those "seeing braize" if often met with grunts, drool or both.

    Necrobierber - A hue that can only manifest on a paint pallet by combining the blood of a virgin with the deathly shriek of a thousand teenage girls and the demonic chant of a young teen pop-star known only in legends as "Justin Bieber".

    It is a hue that must only be handled wearing a haz-man suit and a paintbrush blessed by the Pope himself.

    Very simple, possibly too simple...Blink. A combination of Blue and Pink, most people call it light purple but it's much deeper than that. The blue is far deeper and the pink really makes it pop.

    I vote for "Bleen".

    No, it's not a mixture of blue and green. It's a mixture of blood and spleen.

    Can be seen in many games such as Dead Space, Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, Splatterhouse, Madworld and Doom.

    Can also be seen oozing from bodily orifices of anyone playing Sonic and the Black Knight, Daikatana, Jaws Unleashed and Superman 64.

    Ayegeebee - A colour that is so unholy and disturbing it has been outlawed in all but the most godforsaken corners of the planet. It has been said to possess the ability to make grown men cry at sight alone. Victor Ian Beeter, the alleged creator of the colour has been noted to have taken great pride in his creation at first however a deep sense of shame for brining his creation into the world plagued Victor for the rest of his natural born days.

    Jägerbarf - It's a colour, which is dependent on what was on the menu for lunch and the number of Jäger-bombs (normally exceeding 15) consumed by said luncheon diner within the space of half an hour. Amazingly, this versatile colour is also a smell and a texture. This colour can be recreated by almost anyone, but this performing this ‘colour creation’ repetitively is not condoned by its Creator or Kotaku Au. Photographic evidence of recreations need not be linked on Kotaku Au.

      Other variants are 'Irn-ralph' and 'Mezcalutated Intake'

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