WWE All Stars Is The Reboot Wrestling Games Need

WWE All Stars Is The Reboot Wrestling Games Need

WWE All Stars Is The Reboot Wrestling Games NeedOnce upon a time wrestling games were essential – remember that? No Mercy was one of the best fighting games on the N64, and I spent four hours trying to make the best Ravishing Rick Rude ever on the create-a-wrestler mode. Somewhere along the road, however, wrestling games became a bloated, incomprehensible mass of pointless features. But WWE All Stars is looking to change all of that and as a huge – admittedly lapsed – wrestling fan, I approve.

The above trailer should give you a rough idea of what to expect – a hyper stylised vision of wrestling that focuses on top notch collision detection, accessible mechanics and fun.

And Macho Man Randy Savage.

It makes total sense. WWE All Stars seems to be an attempt to drag everyone who ever loved wrestling, at any point during the last 30 years, back into the fray by creating a playable game featuring all the top stars from wrestling including The Rock, Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior…

And Macho Man Randy Savage. OOOOOH YEAAAAAAH!


  • I’ll be getting this one! Looks awesome! The last WWE game I really liked was Legends of Wrestlemania, heaps more fun to me than the Smackdown v’s Raw games, so I can’t wait for this one.

  • Oh my God.

    That looks AWESOME.

    As long as they have a basic character creation option, I’ll be stoked.

    Because come on. You *know* you want to see Fistbeard McTavish, the rassler. HHHAHAAAAAAHAHAHA!

  • I can’t see myself getting interested in that as a full priced retail product. If it was a $15-20 downloadable then I’d consider it. But only if it had George “The Animal” Steele. And even then only if he ate turnbuckles.

  • Can’t say I’m a fan of the exagerrated physiques or that juggle combo Hulk did. Why can’t they just make a wrestling game that is actually a wrestling game, not some QTE riddled mess or some hybrid arcade fighter.

    It’s a shame the Japanese scene is so dead these days, I found Spike and Aki’s games to be far more enjoyable.

    A King of Colosseum 3 would make my day.

  • Did I just see Hogan juggle someone with a punch combo?!?

    I have to say, this game looks absolutely hilarious! I don’t think I’d ever pay a full retail price for it, but it’d be something that seems like it’d be great for old-school crowd-around-the-tv multiplayer shenanigans.

    Although I’m really hoping we get a ridiculously over-the-top Undertaker.

  • Your post had me all excited Mark! But after actually watching the video, I’m worried that the game is going to suck :(. The juggle combo by Hulk Hogan was weird, that’s just a recipie for disaster. It will turn into Tekken. People will figure out how to do some sort of non stop juggle combo no doubt. And the player models are strange. I understand the look they are going for, but the faces are really ordinary. The Rock looks like a hat full of arseholes. Sigh…can someone just do a straight up remake of Wrestlmania 2000 please?!?

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