Xenogears, A PlayStation Great, Becomes A PSone Classic

Well, we can't say we didn't see it coming, but the arrival of PlayStation role-playing game classic Xenogears as a downloadable PSone Classic is still welcome news. The official PlayStation.blog heralds the release of Square Enix's turn-based RPG on the North American PlayStation Store tomorrow.


    Damn straight it's a classic

    Why is Castelvania SotN the only PSX game on LIVE?

    What's the big deal on this game? I once owned it on PSone, and could not finish it due to too game play and story too dull.

    I hope SE will release Parasite Eve 1 on PSN soon... that was my favorite SE game on PSone

      Yeah you're not alone in your analysis dude, a lot of people felt and still feel like you.

      I couldn't pin down exactly what make me like it so much when I was a kid and I still can't now, suffice it to say a *lot* of people love this game, even with its crushing dullness and extensive unskippable story sequences.

      I love the game and suggest anyone who is even curious to pick it up and have a play, but yeah, be well aware that heaps of people don't like it.

    If i plan on playing the xenosaga games soon - should i be playing this first?

      Not really necessary. There threads between the two franchises are few and far between.

    Where the hell are my Resident Evils in the Aussie store?

    I just want Silent Hill... America already has it, so there must not be any licensing issues like in that article the other day.

    They keep uploading kiddy games. Its really annoying. Who do you think plays PSone classic PSN downloads more anyway?

    I started playing this again at christmas. It is such a cool game. Some pixel smoothing might fix it up visually a bit. The story is so epic plus GIANT ROBOTS!!!
    One thing i still wonder is why more games don't use anime cutscenes.

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