You Can Bail Out Of Plummeting Halo Reach Vehicles And Live

Myth: You can kill an opposing player in Halo Reach by shooting their helmet attachments. Busted. Myth: You can survive a fatal Reach vehicle crash by bailing out. Confirmed.

DefendTheHouse offers another fun round-up of Halo Reach myths, some busted, some confirmed. I don't even play Reach anymore, but I love watching these.

Episode 6 - Halo Reach Mythbusters [YouTube]


    I haven't put Reach in my xbox in a while either, simply due to so many other games to catch up on, but I'm still a big Halo fan and love watching these. Some interesting and strange stuff in them.

    I wanna get back into Halo - it's a great game Reach and I probably hate to admit but it didn't grab my attention AS much as Halo 3 when it comes to online.

    Maybe it was because of the beta which I couldn't stop playing. Whereas I didn't play any of Halo 3's beta. Not only that, Halo 2 and 3 were untouchable by any other game online on consoles.

    AFTER Halo 3 came the uprising of Call of Duty and thats taken a lot from Halo cause they are quite different as FPS's. A lot of people say its not as fun without the Battle Rifle which is somewhat true - I would love for Bungie to release the Battle Rifle in an update that would be great - I'll probably get back to playing it soon after the wave of FPS's coming up just to level to the max but I unfortunately don't see the lengthlyness of the it like I had with Halo 3 which upsets me.

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