The Internet - It's More Than Just A Game...

Apparently today is Safer Internet Day. So watch out kids - check your passwords, mute squeaky 10-year-olds on Xbox LIVE, check your spam filters. And whatever you do - do not upload any pics to Facebook. A hot bikini model may just jump into your living room and start laughing at you, if this promotional video is anything to go by.

I have no idea what's going on here. But if I was 10 years old, and uploading pics to Facebook caused hot girls to materialise into my living room wearing skimpy clothing, I would not stop uploading.

You stay safe out there, kids!


    Hi guys, I have tried uploading pictures, but I don't get the result as shown. Did I do anything wrong?

      Add your mum's credit card details and all known account passwords. Will totally work.

    What the hell just happened?

    Could've at least added the NSFW tag somewhere...

      Thumbnail of bikini-clad model should be giving everyone two big hints about content after the jump.

        It was a Twitter link. So perhaps the tweet should have mentioned NFSW.

      Uhhhh there's no nudity or anything dodgy, just a weird video. How is this supposedly NSFW?

    Maybe you upload the photos on Gooole.

    what the frak?

    hah she can laught at my baby pics all day if she likes! care factor = 0 providing she puts out.. and doesn't mind my wife joining in :0

    Oh no. God forbid someone laugh at a picture of me from when I was 5. My world is now ruined. I am now sad.

    ... Honestly, these sorts of campaigns always seem to be crafted by people who have no insight into the minds of Gen Ys and Gen Zs or how to effectively speak to them.
    I mean, I get what they're trying to say, but the execution is so bad.

    what is this i don't even...

    Holographic projectors ftw.. that's all I got from it.

    what crappy PR firm let this out the door?

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