You Will Not Pick Up Girls With Your Call Of Duty Bragging

You Will Not Pick Up Girls With Your Call Of Duty Bragging

Ice-T is a rapper, an actor and a huge gamer. The man loves Call of Duty, but he also knows that telling ladies your kill/death ratio probably isn’t going to impress them.

Ice-T has become synonymous with Call of Duty, stating that its multiplayer is one of the few games that has a tangible skill curve for him. You see him online, “you gonna die”. He chats to Game Informer about his love of video games.

“What people don’t understand is that the video game industry broke right alongside the hip-hop industry,” he says. “Video games, hip-hop, skateboards; all that kind of broke during the ‘80s. I had everything – the Ataris, the Segas.” And when he started hitting it big as a rapper, he even had arcade machines in his house. But that was back in the day, and these days he’s all about Call of Duty.

“I have a clan on Call of Duty, and when you start telling me your kill/death ratio – I don’t give a fuck,” Ice-T tells Game Informer. “You really going to pick up a bitch by telling her your kill/death ratio? That doesn’t really matter.”

No, you pick up ladies with smooth dance moves.

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