Your Last Chance To Win The GizMod Rukus

Today is the last day to enter Gizmodo's ridiculous Gizmod Rukus competition. In case you haven't heard the chaps over at Giz are giving away a completely modded out car, featuring all manner of gadgetery. Even if you've entered before, the competition rules allow one new entry per day so, as the Wu-tang Clan once eloquently stated in their debut album, we recommend that you "bring the motherf***ing Rukus" and enter this comp!

Win The Gizmod Rukus [Gizmodo]


    If there is one thing i need more than anything right now, it's a new car.
    I've entered this almost every day :)

    Best of luck to everyone, though. I'm sure there is a metric frick-tonne of entries. :P

    On a semi-related note, has going through the De Blob entries caused any temporary insanity yet, Marky Mark?

      I'm avoiding it. It's a terrifying prospect. Especially since I've been reading a few as they come in and there are so many good ones.

        Serrels Yellow - the color of being a big girls blouse :P

          Oh man... wait to you see the 'Tell us Dammit' topic. I'm not doing myself any favours...

    I've entered but I'd be too scared to take that thing out on the road! I'd probably just park it in my living room somehow.

    Ive entered and if i won, i'd play with it for a few weeks then sell it.. I need money BAD...
    But yeah, no chance!

    But the reason for my comment...

    “bring the motherf***ing Rukus”

    I think you need to include more early 90's hip hop puns... because that was a BIG PUN!

      Yeah, you might say that I'm... Notorious for my puns.

        And so it was written, this is beyond reasonable doubt the best comments so far this week. Word....Life

        Haha! Now it's a two-pack of puns! Better add another one to wrap it up nicely.

          Nice.....and Smooth ;)


              I like big ruks and I cannot lie...

    Iv entered this everyyy day since it was announced, need this so bad : / I can't get a job atm with out a car fml.

    Goog luck everyone! This is gonna be good!

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