Your Multiplayer Foes Will Learn To Fear Your Crysis 2 Nanosuit

If you thought the new nanosuit for Crysis 2 was impressive in the single-player game, wait until you see what it does after 60 hours of online multiplayer.

Crysis 2 multiplayer looks like a blast, and it's all thanks to the technology driving the Nanosuit 2. As you level up in Crysis 2 multiplayer the suit levels up with you, earning points towards upgrades suited to your own particular play style. Kill opponents with stealth and you'll unlock upgrades that make you a silent killer. Go toe-to-toe with your enemies and you'll augment your toughness accordingly.

Once you finish levelling up, a process this trailer says takes about 60 hours, you'll truly be a force to be reckoned with, and none of your lower-level friends will want to play with you. Hey, that's the price of success.

Crysis 2 hits the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on March 22.


    In all honesty ... this is what I DON'T want in my multiplayer FPS games. Creating re-playability through unlocks, ranks and achievements has always been cheap.

    Why online FPS games can't be about pure balance and pure skill (i.e. the Quake and UT era) nowadays is really saddening.

      It might make me a casual, but I really enjoy unlocking new parts of the game as I play, gives the multi-player replay-value and something to look forward to after dominating in a round or two.

      I don't think there's anything wrong with this so long as it is balanced. I mean take COD for example, any gun can kill anyone very easily, so it isn't that big a deal if some people have some guns and some people don't. They were generally pretty well balanced.

      But this is just stupid. The concept is that in a multiplayer game a player of higher skill will generally beat a player of lower skill. Not a player that has no life and has been playing the game non-stop has an unfair advantage over other players. No doubt to the point that after a month or two no new players will ever start playing multiplayer because they will just get dominated by players in better gear and never get the chance to level up.

      This is poor design

    Every time I say I am done with competitive FPS's something like this comes along.
    Oh well.

    that video was the exact opposite of demo which was complete rubbish.

    While this looks awesome, I am concerned about balance.

    They'll have playlists that only unlock once you've levelled up, and they'll probably have a system where you only get linked with similarly skilled or ranked players.

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