You've Been Awarded A Medal Of Honor Sequel

"Yes, Danger Close is currently working on the next Medal of Honor," writes the capably bearded exec producer of the modern day reboot of EA's shooter series. Danger Close's Greg Goodrich has confirmed that Medal of Honor will be coming back. Again.

Goodrich says last year's Medal of Honor has moved "over five million copies" since its launch last October. "We wanted to take a moment to thank each of you for supporting us, our new studio and our storied franchise," Goodrich writes. "We would especially like to thank all of the long-time Medal of Honor fans out there who have stuck with us over the years."

While the Medal of Honor set in Afghanistan didn't meet some of EA's "quality expectations", you can't deny the power of five million Medal of Honor players out there.

Goodrich writes that the developer has "studied, listened and absorbed much of your feedback and are very excited to be marching forward on the next title". Any more feedback you guys want to share for Medal of Honor 2?

In Case You Were Wondering... [Medal of Honor]


    dont release it the same year as B3 and also with the new engine DICE have made, i'd expect things to get better

    Don't release it.
    Put that money into a newer and better IP, not some shitty little (and embarrassedly honest) COD ripoff.
    I bet ALOT of people here will agree with me.


      Considering CoD was the original MoH Ripoff. What with how the creators of Infinity Ward worked on the 3rd Medal of Honor game. (Medal of Honor: Allied Assault) Gotta love the poor memory of a fanboy.

        I actually don't like the CoD games. You can say someone is ripping off something else without liking. Did you read my post or are you just winging it? Also, CoD wasn't a rip off, the guys who made MoH (the originals) in the first place made CoD.
        Anyway, to my point. If you wanna spend another 100 dollars on a game when you have already played it (roughly) 9 times before by all means go ahead and spend your hard parents hard earned money, but for someone who has to work for his stuff. I'll stick to fresh, new and creative ideas that don't have the control scheme based upon 'look down sights and dont die.'
        But hey, its not like I'm trying to liquefy this medium.

    Yay. Wake me wen the next gen begins. Hopefully they apply some colour to games! Haha

    Single Player and Multiplayer shouldn't be two different games LITERALLY. I have the feeling that the campaign would have been better had DICE made the whole thing from the get go.

      Eh, debatable, bad company 2 strength was definitely not it's single player

        Agree entirely, I would've enjoyed bots more.

    Make it seperate from BF entirely

    give it it's own engine it's own everyting

    to me it felt like a poor mod overlayed onto the
    BFBC2 engine

      The singleplayer used Unreal Engine 3, online used Frostbite.

    the game sucked. are they that naive and believed that 5mil players actually played; the amount of online players is only about 800 all the time.

    and they didn't get the message.


    Dont rag on Danger Close, maybe they can pull a just cause two and turn MoH into something special

    Everyone will buy it anyway, then complain it sucked even more. I should be a paid analyst.

    Am I the only one that actually preferred MoH to Black Ops? I thought it was refreshingly straight-forward, both in story and gameplay; I honestly have given up on CoD cos they all feel exactly the same and the story either confuses the hell out of me, or is extremely bland...
    And I'll never forget that last stand on the hillside, cowering behind the rapidly disappearing building while waves of soldiers roll down from the hills... that was amazing. Kudos to the devs!
    Needless to say, waiting eagerly for the sequel.

      Yes you are the only one. MOH was supposed to combine the best elements of cod with the best elements bfbc2, instead it managed to combine the worst of the 2, and was dreadful.

        Fair enough. Each to their own, I suppose. Maybe cos it was the first MoH game I'd played, and after CoD4, CoD:WaW, MW2 and BlOps, I'd just got tired of shelling out $100+ for 'more of the same'.
        Mind you, I'm judging based on single player only, as I play games to relax or enjoy a good story, rather than to socialise. Maybe its just cos I'm generally not a fan of (realistic) war shooters, so I suppose I'm not Treyarch's target audience. As such, I'm not surprised that CoD continues to remain the fan favourite, but am glad that MoH is getting a sequel.

          I did thoroughly enjoy that moment in the single player, it was an awesome set piece.

          Unfortunately it was about the only one.. for the most part the single player was dirt. Tier 1 mode was a joke in difficulty especially with the enemies popping out of cover in the same place the whole time... tap semi-auto, line up where their head was before.. shoot, repeat.

          Fact is DICE don't do convincing single player either though.

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