250 Indie Games You Simply Must Play (After You Read This Book)

Mike Rose, who runs indie gaming hotspot and Kotaku favourite Indiegames.com, has written a book called "250 Indie Games You Must Play". Note that it's not "250 Indie Games You Must Play Before You DIE", so there's no rush.

Some of these games, you will have played. Some you may have just heard of. But I'd wager there will be few of you who will have played and/or heard of all 250 of these, which I guess is the point of the book.

For newcomers to the scene, it serves as a starting point. And for veterans, Rose says it can be "a sort of bible". Each entry has colour screenshots and a URL to a spot you can play and/or buy the game, and you can preorder the book now over on Amazon, with a release due in April.

250 Indie Games You Must Play [Amazon]


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