3 New Shots From The Dead Island Tourism Board

While the straitjacketed brute pictured above certainly doesn't look like a very inviting chap, new screens of the now highly anticipated Dead Island are welcome, regardless of whatever mutant zombie happens to be photobombing these shots.

We've seen before that Dead Island is potentially as attractive as the promise of its much talked about trailer, but these serene, bloody and car carnage-filled shots make us want the game that much more. Dead Island is slated for release on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year.

We really, really, really hope it lives up to its potential.


    I just remembered how scarce or non-existent guns will be in this game.


    What's the deal with the big guy? Is he supposed to be a super-zombie or something? I'm so over that sort of thing... the thing I like about zombie movies (eg dawn of the dead) is that it's "realistic", like, normal people in a really crappy situation. Adding all these "types" of zombies with special powers turns it from "realistic" into, well, a "video game". I want a survival game, not a fantasy game :{

      I get where you are coming from and I sort of agree but the problem is that when a game only has one type of enemy it tends to get old fast. At least he's more realistic then the super zombies from L4D or Resident Evil.

        Really? The 7 foot 'zombie' in a straight jacket wearing what looks like space marine armour is more realistic than a fat man becoming a fat puking zombie?

          Pretty much. You kinda answered your own question...

          7 foot? Just a rough guess that truck would be 12 foot and he is three times that size.

          They could use the excuse that he has eaten alot and zombies can grow but he has a face mask. And he can't take it off because of the straight jacket.

          My hopes for this game have now been dashed.

            And who made his size 96 pants and massive straightjacket?

              And why is there a straight jacket on a tropical island holiday destination

            I was looking at the other screenshots on their facebook page and the jacket zombie is "normal" height when compared to the female player character in the shot, so... :/

    Wow, and with that one screenshot my hopes for this game have been shattered. It's just another lame video game.

      I'm with you buddy. That thing looks ridiculous.

    I'm kind of disappointed in the direction of this game the CG trailer was incredible and I think relay connected with people on an emotional level.
    I was relay hoping for a more serious approach, I think the possibilities of a terrifying survival horror zombie apocalypse inspired game, far outweigh the less serious dead rising approach.
    That being said Dead Rising was a great game and allot of fun, I just think the idea portrayed in the CG trailer looks much more interesting.

    There is an unrealistic amount of blood next to that pool. Surely there would be less blood in a more realistic beachside zombie setting. Based off this one screenshot, I am immediately declaring my disapproval of this title and all subsequent zombie titles that follow because this game is not a realistic simulator of an unreal event.

      You'd be surprised just how much blood the human body holds and since I assume they're not using guns, it's not as fantastical as it seems...

        I just realized how sarcastic you sounded... ah well

    Damn :( one photo can let all expectations down.
    That big dude just screams government experiment bs. I wanted the trailer game... average joes fighting random zombie outbreak and just surviving(reason for them exisiting? who needs one really why add disappoint with a lame unoriginal reason) . But I guess its a game and all games need boss' etc.

    Hes not big. Its a bad angle and perspective.
    And it looks like hes standing on a microwave in a jeep.

      Agreed, he's in the foreground standing on the side of a truck which has been turned over. Still looks like the kind of guy you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley though!

        good observation. i was rolling my eyes at all of the "wtf is that giant mutant zombie in a straight jacket doing in this game?" comments. now, i'm only rolling my eyes because there is a giant mutant zombie in a straight jacket in this game. damnit. if you haven't seen the walking dead, watch it. i want a game like that. zombie survival in an open sandbox world. imagine building your own shelters, looking for survivors in a massive map, fighting them off, relocating upon discovery... could be amazing. but all we get are these stupid arcadey games. red dead redemption had the right idea with undead nightmare - it's a start.

    that first picture is a let down, this game should be a proper zombie game. I'm don't hate it, but if there's gonna be a huge thing like that then the weapon system will be screwed or if not, another aspect. because really how will you kill that (apart from a gas station explosion)without something way out of proportion.

    WTF is that thing?! Was so looking forward to this, but now... 'meh.

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