3DS Completely Eclipses The Wii's Pre-Sales In Australia

Today we got word that Pokemon Black/White was Nintendo's highest selling software release in Australian History and, continuing that run, we've just spoken to a representative at Nintendo and gotten word that the 3DS has recorded the highest amount of pre-sales for any Nintendo device ever released, completely "eclipsing the Wii".

And despite the fact that, this time round, Nintendo are far more prepared for demand, it's looking extremely likely that the device will sell out on Thursday.

With Nintendo Australia being particularly fussy about releasing official numbers until they've been double/triple checked, we may have to wait until the beginning of next week until we get the exact day one sales of the 3DS. However, all signs point to an extremely successful launch for Nintendo's new device.

In Japan, Nintendo's 3DS supply dried up after only two days, and stores are now working on a ballot system for consumers looking to pick up a unit. Nintendo Australia has stated that a similar situation in Australia would very unlikely, but after the initial supply of the handheld run out, new units will be arriving in dribs and drabs similar to Wii when it first launched.


    I'm planning to leave Uni a tad early and get to Kmart around 11:30-12 on Thursday. I thought I had a pretty good chance of casually walking in to buy one, but now this article has made me worry a bit. :P

    I have heard most major retailers have sold out all ready!!!

    Lucky i pre ordered a few weeks ago as i was gonna wait until launch. Glad i Didn't wait!!

      Yeah the store i work at has exceeded there limit of pre-orders and apparently so have alot of the other locations.

      Cant wait to grab mine with Ghost Recon and Lego Star Wars.

    Might have to find a spare $300 to buy one I think.

    Good thing I decided to wait until the OoT remake is out.

    I work for a games retailer and we sold out of our launch day shipment. We are getting more in 2 weeks but it looks like orders for that shipment will sell out too....
    Glad I pre ordered mine... lol.

    Region-locked. Not buying until hackers get around that.

      My thinking with that is that it's better to get day-one hardware that could still have the necessary security flaws in it, rather than later hardware that has the holes patched up or removed.

    I'm safe. Pre ordered a few weeks ago at JB. I asked the girl if they would have enough and she said they are going to have a massive amount. Still, I'm going to get there a bit before the shops open to make sure I'm one of the first. Its only Marion Shopping Center and JB HI-FI, but you never know, heaps of people might come. Its hard to judge.

    I'll risk it.

    Im taking the morning off work to go pick up mine. Glad I pre-ordered now too!

    Got mine and playing it right now.

    Ah, the perks of working in games retail.

    Yeah Ive pre ordered mine

    I bought Pokemon to play on my 3DS (already started on my Lite).
    Not interested in launch games.

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