3DS Turns Up Used In Spades

While the West is just getting the Nintendo 3DS, which went on sale over the weekend in North America, the console has been available in Japan since February 26. As evident by this story, used 3DS handhelds are not in short supply.

All of these used 3DS handhelds are available slightly cheaper than the price for new units.

Japanese retail blogs, like this, report that the handheld keeps being sold back to stores. The reason for this seem to be various - such as a lack of compelling games. But upcoming titles are bound to change that.

Also, there does seem to be a percentage of 3DS units that were purchased with the sole aim of reselling them at a high price. The market was flooded with used 3DS machines, and Japanese retailers did not pay a premium for the buy-backs.

Remember, this is only anecdotal, and we're in the infancy of the 3DS's lifespan. If the DS is anything to go buy, the 3DS should continue to pick up steam - regardless, if it already seems to be petering out.

『3DS本体』中古ショップに大量に置かれる [オレ的ゲーム情報]


    Can't blame em. The launch lineup is really, really, poor this time around. There is no 'killer app' yet.

    I really, really want to buy this console, but i'll wait until Kid Icarus or Zelda comes out

    Is it just me or does this seem like deliberate hate towards the 3DS?
    kinda pointless article....

    This could also be people who are developing headaches from or can't see the 3D at all.

    I hate 3ds but am excited by the prospects of this console, I bought it for ds games and promised 3ds releases later.

    Shrug, some people are impatient.

    It could also be that Nintendo were well prepared and provided more than enough stock for launch ensuring that the resale market didn't score off their hard work.
    I've been asking around the local stockists and while pre-orders are not overly high the only place I'll be expecting them to sell out is Game/EB despite their offering being more expensive than JB/Big W etc.

    $38 for Super Street Fighter 4 on the 360 vs $420 for a 3DS ($350) and Super Street Fighter 4 3D ($70). Also I already have an arcade stick even if it isn't the mad catz one.

    I think I can hold off to the end of the year personally and wait for more games to come out.

      That is a bit disingenuous - this assumes you already have a 360. But while I don't like your maths I do agree with the sentiment. Won't be getting SF4 on 3DS. I'll stick to playing it with my TE stick. Or borrowing it from my nephew who is bound ot pick it up.

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