3DS's First Update Brings A Familiar Tune

Today in Japan, the 3DS got its first update. Much of the update is typical firmware stuff, fixing bugs and improving the network connection. But there was also a special treat included.

Nintendo sent out a 3D clip of the Super Mario Bros. theme being performed by the song's composer Koji Kondo at this year's Nintendo World event in Tokyo. Hope this means every firmware update includes neat little clips. Actually makes updating the machine's software enjoyable.

Apologies for the sudden ending. My camera battery died. And then my 3DS battery died, too. This video required a great deal of sacrifice. You have no idea.


    I wounder if there were any blocks to fix the R4 carts that are already working with the 3DS...

    The music show they had at the middle of the day at Nintendo World (shown here) was really amazing... There are clips and recordings all over youtube, but the whole thing was recorded by several official camera people (we got told off for trying to record it ourselves...), any idea if there is going to be an official release of this on DVD or something like that? Or are they going to release all the bits via 3DS?

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