3DS's Friend List Messaging Is The Worst Of Facebook, Twitter

Gamers may be a bit confused about how exactly owners of Nintendo's 3DS portable are supposed to communicate with one another on the system.

After spending the weekend trying to figure it out on my own, I finally bugged Nintendo directly about it. Turns out that little status message that appears above your Mii's head in the Friend's List is it.

Even as status updates go, ala Facebook and Twitter, it's short and sort of pointless. There are no alerts when your friend's update their status the xxx character limit is beyond restricting.

Nintendo still isn't talking about future plans for more elaborate in-system messaging between 3DS friends.


    It's a shame that I'm getting excited by the fact that going by that picture I can see the online status of fellow 3DS players at all compared to the ridiculous state of the Wii & DS connectivity.

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