8 Bit Dreams

Campbell Whyte lives in Perth. He also loves NES games. He loves NES games so much that he intends to draw an illustration based on every single NES game ever made. There are over 700 in total, so that'll only take him, what... two frickin' years!

The pic above is based on Duck Hunt, but he's done a bunch so far and they look pretty cool.

Can you guess which one's which?

8-Bit Dreams [Campbell Whyte]


    Duck hunt, Excite Bike, no idea, Mario Golf, Double Dragon?

    ....Gangster Town on the SEGA Master System!!!!!

    Sorry, buddy, but that's Hogan's Alley. Seen the cartridge way too many times to not recognise it. And the last one's the low-kicking madness that is Kung Fu. Thank you, Thomas, for your amazing speed and passion for the fight to save your loved one.

      Holy crap, I completely forgot this game even existed. HUUUGE nostalgia bomb.

    If he only does one a day? Yeah. I could do like 30 of those in a day, though.

    Hogan's Alley is correct, as is Kung Fu!
    Great job spotting them all guys.

    And yea, I'm only doing one a day, don't really have much time to do it any other way. I like those slow burn projects.

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