A 3DS Without A Pre-Order? Good Luck Out There Folks...

Here's something you already know - the 3DS comes out in Australia today. Here's something else you probably know, but we're about to confirm it - your chances of getting a 3DS without a pre-order are slim, and they're about to get slimmer. We've just done a call around of all the major stores in our area. The verdict? Head to Pitt Street Mall's JB Hifi, because everywhere else is practically sold out - at 10am on the day of launch.

Yes, according to 'Dave' from JB Hifi in Pitt Street Mall in Sydney, they had 'plenty' in stock, but his comrades over at World Square and Moore Park only had two a piece. Another JB I called had 15, but that was about as good as it got.

EB Games had a similar situation. The store in George St had one left, Broadway had three and the store in Greenwood Plaza had two black ones.

Yep the situation is grim. All outlets expected to have sold out by the end of the day.

Outside of specialist retailers the picture becomes even more bleak. Big W are only selling pre-ordered units, and the same goes for Dick Smith.

We recommend calling in advance before heading out - that or just drive over to the JB over Pitt Street. Tell 'Dave' I sent you.

Found a secret stash of 3DS consoles? Having trouble find one? Got any tips for last minute shopping? Let us know below.


    Is there a reason you don't check GAME?

    Its because they're terrible right?

      Probably forgot, there is only one GAME that's remotely close to the city now at Broadway... all of the others packed up!

    Went to kmart this morning. They hadn't even unpacked them yet.

      sounds like kmart - on the ball as usual. they probably sold you somebody's preorder haha

    I managed to ore-order one yesterday afternoon at about 4:30pm at my local JB. Got the message to pick it up, but am stuck at work, fml.

      *pre damn autotype

    Got mine from jb this morning! Glad I pre ordered! so happy right now:)

    Picked up mine at about 9.30am at JBHifi (Crown St Mall) and they weren't too busy, but the guy told me they had a massive number of pre-orders and only a hand full of left over units.

    He also said (I'm not sure if this was like an attempted hard-sell or something, he's usually pretty good to me) that they're expecting problems and he's suggesting that people pick up extra warranty if possible - besides the US issues, have you heard anything Mark?

    Anyways, I didn't get any games ('cause I couldn't find Pokemon or SFIV for teh cheap) but I don't think I'll be getting much playtime either way - I'm so sick at the moment I feel like I'm dying and so I don't really feel like playing anything :(

    Opened the box though - it's quite nice, all of my first impressions are good.

      really the extra warranty is only of any use if the BSOD has the ability to manifest at any point and isn't just a teething issue with new consoles.

      It's kinda like EB's Disc protection ponzi scheme :P

    Games are also ridiculously hard to come by

    I swear to Christ, Serrels if you're setting me up to find this 'Dave' person just so some stoner JB clerks mates of yours laugh in my face and say:

    "Dave's not here man."

    Then consider my Cosplay-As-The-Boss Luggage boy offer off the table.

      I can't guarantee his name was Dave. I called a lot of places. I distinctly remember someone being called Dave!

    Picked up mine from Kmart. No pre-order!

    Attended asks which one, and I chose blue!

    Calm down people! You will find one even without a pre-order!

    All stores can't run out! This is Australia!

    Boom just picked up mine from EB broadway.

    Also, Kmart broadway have it @ almost $100 off and are still in stock :)

    For anyone who cant get one - In Canberra here there are stacks. I just spoke with GAME, EB Games, Big W and JB (where I got mine and all located in 'Civic of Canberra') and they all had over a 100 units after their pre orders.

    JB game me a 3rd party pack which included screen protectors a case and a couple of pens for $298. Cant wait to crack it out...

    Ordered from Catch of the Day. They took my money but havent emailed me a confirmation. I am not hopeful...

      wow! I hit up that site yesterday and just missed out. By the time my cart had one in it - they sold out! ;-( I think that you should be fine, I dare sa that they servers got bashed yesterday with everyone trying to buy one. Be interested in seeing how long it takes to arrive now...

      Catch of the day are pretty slow getting orders out. I bought an external hard drive from there last Tuesday, and only just got the confirmation email that they had posted it a few hours ago.

      So yeah, don't worry too much, they're just really, really slow.

    South Australia has historically had tumbleweeds blowing past at console launches so I haven't been worried, but now I am a little bit.

    I'm heading out at lunch time to find one in the wild, wish me luck!

      Got my pre order from rundle EB earlier bro.

        I'm picking mine up hopefully tomorrow or next week - thank god South Australia is such a dull place (for this console release anyway).

    Bought mine at Kmart this morning in Hobart. Very quiet at 7:50. Seemed to have plenty.

    Plenty at jb at chermside. Picked one up without preorder

    Strolled into Kmart (Warrawong, if anyone wants to stalk o_o) after uni at 10:30 and bought a shiny blue one. They had plenty of stock and I was the only one there at the time. I was worried I would miss out, too! :P

      Oh, also, The guy told me that it came with a 12 month warranty. It surprised me because I wasn't expecting to get one from Kmart (I thought that was the main drawcard for buying at places like EB Games?). Good to know, anyway.

        It's a standard 12 month warranty provided by nintendo. You get it no matter where u buy it from.

          Ah I see. Thanks for clearing that up.

          Probably won't have to use it anyway, but still. I'm just glad I didn't get any dead pixels on the touchscreen out-of-the-box like I did with my original DS. *grumblegrumble* lol

    Picked one up at KMart this morning without a pre-order no dramas

    Amazingly, there are alot of people walking in off the streets and picking up without hassle, especially at Kmart, where it's $288...

    Perhaps, Nintendo shipped a fairly decent amount to Australia for once.

    I'm in Central Coast!

    There are billions in albury. How could this be possible you say? Because it's freaking albury :P

      Hey im in albury!

        Wanna share some rope?

    Picked up mine this morning at Hobart JB-HFI without pre-order. I'm pretty sure I was the first one sold?

    You could also give Target, Myer, Game Traders, Good Guys or Harvey Norman a call to see if they have any.

    Got mine from amazon on Monday recording it tomorrow. Got the us version with 3 games (sfvi, pes and steel divers) for just under 390 including shipping. Bcuz aus dollar is higher than us u can get it for a lot cheaper and more game choices than aus

      Thats not that much cheaper than i paid dude. Got it from EB and with smart price matching got the console for 288 street fighter and pes for 55 each and rabbids for 38. Traded in my DS lite and the whole lot only cost me 380.

    Every Adelaide store I've tried has plenty of stock.

    Grabbed mine from Target in Adelaide CBD for $338 (or 339?) with Rabbids.

    The guy said they'd been pretty popular and they were running low on blue ones.

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