A Heartfelt British Rap Tribute To A Video Game Western

Independent British musical artist Akira the Don loved Red Dead Redemption so much he wrote a song about it. Wanna hear it? Here goes.

White British men rapping/talking over music is an acquired taste, one that I picked up courtesy of English alternative rock band Pop Will Eat Itself back in the '90s, so I'm perfectly fine with Akira the Don's newly released love message to Rockstar Games' Western epic. Even if the concept of the piece comes across as amusing, there's no arguing that the game affected Akira here in exactly the same way it affected many of us. It's just not all of us have access to recording studios.

We should count our blessings.

Akira the Don [Official Website]


    O_o didnt think much of the song but he's definitely nailed how you felt when you played them game... heh. I remember too thinking 'WTF' at the gun mechanics, then sort of slipping right into it.

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