A Little More Uncharted NGP Gameplay

A Little More Uncharted NGP Gameplay

Sony brought one of the most dazzling games for its new NGP system, Uncharted, to its talk at GDC 2011. While we’ve seen some of this gameplay before, even shaky cam footage that doesn’t capture the NGP’s big, bright OLED screen is exciting.

There’s a ton of touchscreen control on display here, which may be nothing more than an illustration of the NGP’s front and back touch capabilities. Even if you don’t dig Nathan Drake’s new touchscreen acrobatics, the portable Uncharted shows off what the NGP is capable of, a good sign for unique games for Sony’s new platform.


  • Whilst the using the back touch screen to climb was really awesome, I hope the only way to jump onto things isn’t to take your hand off the thing and slide along the screen 🙁

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