A Most Suggestive Game Dick, Err Disc

Recently released Way of the Samurai 4 doesn't come on your typical game disc — makes sense as it's not your typical game!

The Way of the Samurai games have always had a quirky sense of humor, and the fourth installment looks no different. It is another slash-em-up samurai game, but this time with heavy S&M imagery, such as scenes of men in tiny underpants being whipped and being lowered on a "wooden horse", which was used for torture in Japan during the 15th century's Warring States Period. These days it's still used in S&M play.

Whiffs of masochistic imagery appear on the game disc, leading to some Japanese netizens to say selling back the game after they've finished it could prove embarrassing, especially to a female clerk.

【PS3】『侍道4』拷問シーンの直撮り動画公開!製品版のディスクがヤバイ!w [先天性快楽病]


    god dammit japan

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