A Reality In Which I’m A Terrorist

A Reality In Which I’m A Terrorist

In a slightly different reality Japan is a vassal state to the Greater Republic of Korea, much of the United States has become the New Korean Federation of Occupied America and I’m the shadowy figurehead of a seditious and violent anti-Korean movement.

This isn’t the fiction of the Homefront video game due to hit PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 later this month, it’s the detailed mailings of an alternate reality game created to bolster the backstory of the game that makes Americans the underdogs and its journalists the wanted fugitives.

Publisher THQ and developer Kaos have been stoking the flames of interest in their already interesting shooter, Homefront, with a steady stream of conspiracy mailings about the overthrow of the fictional Greater Republic of Korea and its US-based occupation army.

It started for me with a poster of Kim Jong-un, hidden audio files and eerily realistic propaganda mailings.


Earlier this week, I received a worn brown folder containing the file kept on me by the Cabinet General Intelligence Bureau of the Worker’s Party Central Committee. Inside was a odd photoshop image of someone who sort of looked like me, but didn’t.


The Adversary Intelligence Report walked through my life from college graduation to the year 2027, starting out with real facts about my real life and then spinning into descriptions of a person I might become had the country been taken over by a unified Korea.


The Crecente of that reality returned to newspaper journalism and then turned to protests and finally to violent action against the country’s oppressors. Backed by The Crescent Shadow, I read, I am now a HIGH LEVEL 5 THREAT and should be terminated immediately.

Let’s hope that don’t push this ARG any further.


  • as a newspaper journo i wish the pr people i deal with had the imagination to send me stuff like this. although i think the boss might take it a bit too seriously…

  • And its this kind of stuff that makes the Universe interesting to me.

    I really hope this game is good and does moderately well…I know it wont be a smash hit, since people wont get over the premise of it…but still.

    Needs to be more propaganda sites, like the one about the irradiation of the Mississippi…reading that was really creepy…since it was so well planned out

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