A Sporting Way To Help Japan

If you're going to donate to a charity so you can help out the people and organisations in Japan currently dealing with the effects of the earthquake and tsunami, you may as well get a great game out of it.

Until March 18, all revenues raised from the sale of Sega's Football Manger Handheld 2011 on the App Store will go to charities engaged in disaster relief along Japan's coast.

That's not "10 per cent of revenues", or "a select amount", it's all money made. So you're donating to charity and getting one of the best games on the App Store at the same time. That's a win win if ever we've seen one.

If you've never played it, it takes all the best bits of the desktop marriage-destroying football management sim and lets you put them in your pocket.

Sega donation to Japan earthquake fund [develop]


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