All This Splinter Cell Movie Needs Is More Michael Ironside

Actually, what it needs is some Michael Ironside. Anywhere.

Once you get over the fact Splinter Cell star Sam Fisher's voice is not Michael Ironside's, this fan-made movie paying tribute to Ubisoft's stealth series is actually pretty good!

It's got a soundtrack, special effects, classy lighting, the works. So long as you don't mind sitting through a few sequences of a guy sneaking around in the dark, it's definitely worth a watch.

The short film is called "Extinction" and was made by the team at Companion Pictures.

[Thanks Sean!]


    YES the voice of Sam Fisher IS done by Michael Ironsides... look into it and find out. Also there is a video interview on the extra features of the one game- I think double agent.

    The info to find that it IS Michael Ironside doing the voice of Sam Fisher!

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