AMD Calls Out NVIDIA On 'Fastest Graphics Card' Claim

AMD says they want NVIDIA to put their money where their mouth is and prove that the NVIDIA GTX 590 really is the world's fastest graphics card. Of course AMD believes their recently released Radeon HD 6990 is the world's fastest graphics card. I hope this throwdown involves sharks or something bitey. [AMD blog]



    I love it when companies fight in public. It's the best part of any hardware launch!

    The radeon may very well be the fastest card. But the driver will probably shit its pants and crash your game every 5 minutes, my piece of shit 5850 certainly likes doing that.

    Never buying a radeon ever again. EVER. AGAIN. I'm sorry Nvidia, take me back :(

      You must just have a shit system, my 5850 is a god send in my rig over my old Nvidia card. Hassle free.

        My 5850 also kicks my old Nvidia card's butt, at half the price too.

    nVidia offers almost the same performance, lower power usage, lower heat, and is the only way to get PhysX. My path is clear.

      Ummm...I think you will find that RADEON have had the upper hand in lower power consumption, and the amount of heat that is produced in the recent generations of cards. NVIDIA is getting back there in regards to this situation (mainly because they now use vapor chamber technology), but dude, look at the GTX470 and GTX480...they absolutely ate up power like no tomorrow (the joke being you needed your own power station to run one), and they burned like a nuclear meltdown (like 95 - 100 degrees celsius).

      I own RADEON at the moment (5870), but I will go back to NVIDIA the next time around. RADEON'S drivers are just not as good, and that is a point that not many can argue against. I would say that roughly 7 times out of 10, when there are graphic card related issues in a game, you can bet your bottom dollar it will be something along the lines of: if ATI users are experiencing (and then whatever the problem is), then please try (usually a bunch of useless suggestions, and then waiting for the next driver release or a game patch).

      I've had about as many RADEON cards as I have NVIDIA cards...and to me NVIDIA are just a little more stable and have less issues. RADEON make excellent cards, but their drivers just friggen suck.

      P.S Physx is the biggest gimmick of all time, and so is NVIDIA 3D vision (yep, half of my performance going down the drain for a slightly blurry picture that has a bit of depth).

    @MadDogMike- lower power usage? lower heat? where are you getting those "facts" from?

    Every comparison test I have seen so far has shown lower power drawings from ATI than NVIDIA (as usual) and the only one that had them be close is one using an overclocked 6990 against the standard 590 which still showed the ATI card drawing less power and pulling away even further from the NVIDIA card in testing. source:,2898-17.html

    The lower heat is debatable both cards loaded to 100% are going to be hot cards but if you are spending this sort of money on a card you will undoubtedly also be watercooling it which makes the heat problem null and void.

    I am not going to pretend I am not an ATI fan but if you're going to make claims like that be sure to back them up...

    PS. Also as an ATI "FANBOI" I have to mention that 6990's don't happen to occasionally BLOW UP when overclocked... Hope I haven't blurred your path.

    Hehehe I love how nerds get so territorial over their graphics cards :D

    I just got a GTX570 OC from Gigabyte and I can't complain so far. But before that I was using a HD4890 for 1.5 years and still had no complaints... Oh hold on... things start going wrong when people overclock them past what the factory recommends... Funny about that :)

    I gave up on being a GPU/CPU fanboy a looong time ago. Let them fight. I will buy whoever wins! :D

    Nice cant wait to see the outcome

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