Another Portal 2 Hype Video, For People Excited By... Panels

Could you like panels as much as you like portals? According to the latest video hyping April 19 release of Portal 2, panels are/were the next big breakthrough in Aperture Science, the crazy labs of the Portal series. I predict that their next innovation will be gel.

Valve jokingly indicates that this video is the first of four "'investment opportunity' videos" to support the release of the "documentary" game Portal 2. From their press release...

"Portal 2 is the best documentary-style investment opportunity game we've ever contributed to," said Gabe Newell, President of Valve, "and we're confident that savvy investors will immediately see the value in these product demonstration videos."

No word about whether this series constitutes the start of the new Valve project that bridges the story of Portal 1 and Portal 2, an effort Portal 2 writer Erik Wolpaw told Kotaku would kick off before Portal 2 is released.


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