Anyone Interested In An AFL Game?

I'll be the first to admit that I know absolutely nothing about AFL, but there is a game currently being developed by Big Ant and published by Tru Blu, and this is the first look trailer.

So, yeah, we were hardly expecting FIFA - there's no way anyone can commit a huge amount of resources to a game that caters to a sport played exclusively in one country, but it looks alright!



    Not in the least.

    Hope its better than the miserable Rugby League Live

    They have the look the game needs but the area where this will live and die is the AI and its ability to recreate the feel of a match. I will be very interested in the way they decide to handle the controls and shots for goal.

      Spot on. It looks like they've done a decent job with the marking and tackling. Didn't see any high speed collisions though. Heavy hits are still a big part of the game. If they can maintain the high pace of an AFL match and keep it interesting and like you said Dean, emulate the eb and flow of a match with a half decent AI, then it could be worth a shot.
      I'd love to see it succeed as a decent interest here could guarantee another improved sequel. To put it in footy terms, if they come out hard, play the game and man up they have a good chance to get over the line.

      Mark - there is room in every sports loving man's heart for both Football and Aussie Rules. You're in the land of Oz now, no excuses. Pick a side!

    Thoughts? "Mark needs to learn more about AFL".

    I don't really like sports, outside of the occasional UFC PPV I don't watch any. But I like me a good sports game - though not enough to buy every iteration every year.. I'd never sit down and watch the Superbowl, but I love me some Madden. I'd sooner watch paint dry than watch some golf, but the Tiger Woods games can be a blast.

    If this turned out okay I would probably buy it too.

    WANT! Its been way to long between AFL games! Keen as mustard!

      Im with you Adam

    I've followed Brisbane my whole life, so I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the article picture is accurate. Vossy nose football.

    On topic, I really have no interest in this game. AFL does not seem like a game that can translate well into a video game due to the large amount of players on the field and the constant flow of gameplay. There are too many things for an individual player to control and I don't expect AI to be able to handle things well enough.

    Also, look how quickly Browny celebrated that goal at the end. He can be quick on the celebrations, but he's never turning around the second the ball is off the boot. Totally inaccurate, will not play :p

    I'm a big AFL fan, but the sad, depressing history of attempts to make an AFL game make me pretty wary of this. Hopefully it'll be good, but I'm not expecting much.

      I love AFL too. I love Collingwood more than video games, i.e. a lot.

      However I can't bear to play any AFL games they are all horrible. This looks like it has the exact animations as last time. It looks very good, player likeness is there but gameplay looks the same as the last game on PS2.

      No disrespect to Big Ant here, they just don't have the resources. It would take a Herculean effort to make a great AFL game. Not only because of the $ they need but because it's just too hard a game to translate. It's played on the biggest playing surface, there are 36 guys on the ground, 360 degree movement. No set formations like soccer so off the ball movement would be hard to work out. And that's just basic stuff, more advanced things to translate would be crumbing the ball off a marking attempt/spoil and in and under play (i.e. hard ball gets).

      Maybe I should have taken up the offer from bigfooty to go down to big ant but 1. Collingwood were playing 2. I'd be too sceptical.

    If it runs at a solid frame rate and manages to be fun, I don't really care what the graphics are like. Only problem is that I will only ever pick one team.

    Being a Richmond supporter (pfft) I have lost any/all interest I ever had in AFL many many many years ago... Like I'm talking primary school... So it would have to be one heck of a hum dinger to get me interested. I can imagine though, that if done right, the flow could make for some impressive action between a couple of mates. I just don't think enough money will be spent to make it so, nor do I think the audience is there to recoup costs. But, who knows, ppl support Collingwood so go figure... :-/

    *Insert joke about career mode with player agents and 17 year old attention seeking media loving female*

      Smut and scandal has no place in the professional sporting arena, thank you very much!

    It looks like a ps2 game, if it doesn't run at a constant 50fps at all times (even in 3D) I would be very disappointed.

    I don't think the market is really big enough to support an AFL game. That said, the last AFL game I played was on NES back when we were kids and all I remember from that was a constant stream of: "Out of bounds. On the full", from almost every second kick.

    No thanks. I hate sport games.

    Minor variations just added to the same experience every year so that people can buy it all over again.

    It's funny how absolutely worthless (in terms of trade/resell value) outdated sport games are...

      You do realise this is the first game in the series?

    I don't have to buy it - No doubt my non-gamer footy playing brother will.

    One of his good mates was drafted to freo for the 2010 season. He was telling me about how this game company came in to training and were taking rotating video footage of them doing stupid stuff like throwing the ball to themselves, and looking at the camera like a boss.

    Will be worth it!

    No afl game can beat the original, and the best: Aussie Rules Footy on the NES

    XBW went hands on with this a few weeks ago, here's the link to their write-up.

    No thanks!

    Hope there's lots of speckies or goalies or tacklers or whatever they have in the Australian League Footballs. I'll be playing it for the sex and drug scandal minigames - better than We Dare, at least.

    Achievement Unlocked: Inappropriate Role Model.

    all you sooking bitchs shut up why pick out the worst things we clearly use havent even played the fucking game grow up its going to be mad either way its the first game since 2007 so shut up an wait to play it!


      Dude - you can hate the haters, but don't be hatin' the grammar.

    Get back on board Qumulys the TIGER IS STIRING. Also this game is going to be better then any previous AFL video game experience they have been developing it for 3 years.

      Bah.. I'll believe it when I see it :P They go alright for the first few rounds, then fall in a heap. Totally made me lose interest years ago... Although, I'll get on board if the make it to the finals.... :)

        Not exactly the definition of 'supporter' there, Q... ;)

        GO TIGES!

        You're being a bit harsh on Richmond there. It's only a decade or so since their Golden Age, when they could be relied on to finish 9th or close to it. Hell, there were some matches when they even started favourites!

        Back in those days, they stood like a black and gold colossus over 6 or 7 other teams in any given season, gazing down at them from the lofty heights of the top of the bottom half of the ladder.

        So keep the faith! Sure, they're struggling right now, but I reckon 12th is well within their grasp this year, and with the crop of young players they've got, their 9th-place window will start to open next year.

    Few of the guys from BigFooty got the chance to play the game at BigAnt Studios. All feedback has been glowing.

    As for sex\drug scandals if fifa doesn't have it with all nonsense that goes on in Soccer I doubt a Australia game would

    Cale Hooker taking a speccie?

    LOL I thought this game was going to be accurate?!?! HAHA Dont worry I'm a Bombers fan

    I just noticed the "Playstation Network" logo at the end there. Is this a PSN game? Or is it a full retail release and the PSN logo is just there to indicate online features?

      Retail, both PS360 games coming out in April...

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