Aren't You Murlocs A Little Short For Terran Space Marines?

Those little Murloc rascals from World of Warcraft get a Starcraft marine upgrade in Jorge Jacinto's most recent fan art mash up.

Need your daily fill of geek eye candy? If so, head over to Justin Page's Rampaged Reality and get your fix. Republished with permission.


    Is it really a mash-up if that unit is ACTUALLY in the game though?

      So the article is misworded. Picature is pretties.

    When I first saw this picture, I thought that it was Krulos from the DINO RIDERS cartoon/comic. I remember that from when I was a kid.

    For people who don't know who that is then go to this website:

    ...and then scroll down to 'Krulos'. I don't know anything about WORLD OF WARCRAFT, but I think the DINO RIDERS theme is a lot more fitting.

    Man...that cartoon was awesome!

      Hahaha, I thought the same thing when I saw it.

      Seriously, Krulos is still one of my all time favourite villains. Brain Boxing Dinosaurs and then mounting lasers on them... genius.

      I still have my VHS tape of the first few episodes, man I should convert them to digital form lol.

        "Brain Boxing Dinosaurs and then mounting lasers on them… genius." kidding!

        I've done some research, and it turns out that there was only 14 episodes ever made. I would have guessed more than that, but when you're a kid everything is exaggerated in size.

        Krulos was definitely a bad motherf***er. I remembered him being so cold and calculating, and thinking: 'yeah, doesn't get any better than this'. And then in a couple of episodes his space helmet broke, and I'd be on the edge of my seat wondering if he was going to make it or not.

        Good times! (*sigh* nostalgia)...

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