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Hey chaps, I didn't get the chance to answer last weeks questions - sorry! But I've bumped last week's post, with all the questions, meaning that I'll answer all of last week's questions along with all the new one's you ask today.

Drop your questions below and I'll do my best to try and find an answer before the day is out.


    Are you expecting any big reveals at GDC?

      Answering this question NOW would be cheating!

      Adapt it to : What do you think was the biggest reveal at GDC? Mario 3DS?

    What is you craving fulfillment of choice?

    Me? Well, thanks for asking...I rarely eat sweets/chocolate etc. But if I get a craving, maybe once a month, it's for a Kit Kat Chunky or Licorice All-sorts.

      Without a doubt it's the chocolate with smarties inside the chocolate.

      Cue 'yo dawg' jokes.

    Can you ask Notch when he's going to make the nether work in MC SMP? Also, if he's going to make a use for saddles sometime soon?

      I'm pretty sure there are multiple plugins that bring this functionality. I know of 2 for the Bukkit server wrapper if you use this or are willing to convert. You don't even have to lose your world

    How much do you recon Celtic will beat Rangers this week? :P

      They lost 2 - 0 to Motherwell last week. Disnae look good...

      (Life long Celtic supporter btw.)

      Well, what do you know. 1 - 0 to Celtic.

    What happened to the “Tonight On Good Game” articles? I know that there are plenty of people that are too cool for Good Game since they gave Junglist the boot, but I still watch and enjoy it, and that article was always a reminder that it was on. In fact, I only found out by accident that it has been back for three weeks and has moved to Tuesday!

    As a reminder to anybody who does actually care - it's on tonight!

    (Repeated question I know, but I posted this way too late to actually get an answer last week).

      +1 on the question, I missed Hex during the break :(

        +1 for Hex appreciation

          Well I miss Junglist too but there's no point complaining about it, never was any point. Besides I like all the presenters that have been on it, especially Rei.

        Also I'd like to see this reminder article re-appear. There's really not much on tv these days, and at least GG is something I'm willing to watch when I need to veg out, sure its not as good as the Jung days, but at least its something.

        What colour is Hex's hair at the moment?

          Raven black atm if memory serves, but she's enchanting however she looks. Not saying I got a crush on her, just saying she's gorgeous :)

      The Good Game posts always got such a negative reaction, which sucked because I like the show. It also gave me an excuse to email Hex.

      But that's why we got rid of it.

        Really? That sucks. Damn haters. It was nice to see a bit of cross-promotion and co-operation in Australian game journalism.

        You could always bring it back and just censor all the hate so that it looks like universal love :)

        If it's never coming back, then I guess that "Hex (Not really)" is just going to have to post a weekly reminder in TAY... unless "she" forgets that it's on because of the lack of the reminder article!

          I was a hater, but I hate on so much I didn't think anyone was listening.
          And it wasn't hate directed so much at Good Game, more on TV. Which I HATE!

    Will you be using your Simon Pegg likeness to get good tables at restaurants, discounts, etc. With all the hype Paul is getting here it should be a cinch :)
    I am now having visions of a confused Mark getting confronted by the TMZ guys.....

      Oh..I learnt this from one of The First Lady's holiday posts. If you like beer...Arrogant Bastard Ale is the shit :)Should be at supermarkets or convenience stores.

      Did you go over earlier, and try to pass yourself off as him during the oscars.

      FYI, Now I'm imagining Richard Wilkins interviewing you on the red carpet thinking you're Simon Pegg.

        I'd much rather try and pass myself off as Boris Becker and become a tennis commentator.

    Can you buy me a present while your there!? :P

    What do you think the chances are of Mortal Kombat being resubmitted towards the end of the year, IF we get the R rating? I'll be importing of course, but I'm just curious to if they'll even bother resubmitting


      Dude, I barely remembered to buy my wife a present...

    Will you be long boarding the mighty slopes of San Francisco?

      Hahahaha! What an awesome question.

      But the answer is no. Because I would most likely die a glorious death.

      I did totally think about that though!

    As a game journalist, do you enjoy getting away to these kind of events and catching up with [whoever] or, do you find 'em a bit tedious, too much hassle for a couple of days and everyone's a bit of a wanker?

    And what exactly do you get up to at these [things] - go to the individual events, make some notes, chat to devs you see on the floor after fighting your way through a throng of sweaty journos, et cetera...?

    I think it'd be kind of cool if you did a feature (at some stage) detailing what you do (overview of activities for a day?) at these [things].

    Oh! sure to detail all the raunchy escapades game journos must go on at these things :P

      Every event is different. GDC was mostly about going to appointments meeting the aussie guys, but I also got the chance to check out some amazing stuff - mainly new Batman: Arkham City stuff which looks incredible (more to come).

      I enjoy trips - I go away less with Kotaku, but used to be away quite a lot when I worked on magazines (mainly due to lead times on print). It depends where you go and who you go with. I love travelling, but you generally go to the same places (LA, San Francisco) and you spend a lot of that time jet lagged, staying up to 4am watching CNN, then having to wake up three hours later.

      That said, I just take it for granted, because this is really one of the best jobs in the world.

    Are you the only Australian who produces Australian articles for the site? For example, aren't the articles Brian Ashcroft and Owen Good do for the US site which gets transferred here?

      I thought Luke was an Australian... but he writes for the US, which get reposted here.

      Yep - we use the US content and I create the local content. Luke lives in Aus.

    In regards to the recent Mortal Kombat situation, I'd love you to do an article explaining the in's and out's of importing games from overseas and all the issues that this can cause a gamer (not the industry, we've had heaps of those articles).

    For example; can you play online? Will DLC be available for a game without an Aussie release and will there be compatibility issues? Will there be Region coding issues? Am I gonna get my but kicked because of lag? etc etc. I think there are probably a few of us that would like some of these answers.

    Cheers Dave

      +1 for this. I think i sent an email requesting a feature like this last year.

      Hopefully if such a feature was implemented we could have five of them.One on each of the consoles and handhelds.(Wii, DS, PSP, PS3 and XBOX360)

      Alternatively maybe there are some members of the kotaku community who have faced these issues and could provide some insiights

      Importing can sometimes be a gamble. I once got a letter from customs that said i was very naughty and they were going to destroy my game within 30 days unless i wanted to dispute it.
      I didn't and someone in customs (or their kids) scored themselves a copy of Mark Eckos Getting Up I assume.

      Dunno how far the Kotaku archives go back, but there were a couple of articles about importing when Fallout 3 got pinged in 2008.

      In legal terms, its "illegal" to import Refused Classification material, which is considered 'objectionable material', into Australia; and if its found it will be confiscated by Customs.

      That being said I've had friends who've imported RC'd stuff, like Dark Sector, and nothing happened..

      Importing FAQ:$file/CPB+-+Information+for+Importation+-+April09.pdf


        Then there's this to complicate things further...

    Hello Mark, entirely unrelated I know, but did you get my email with the details for Plainview's metropolitan contact information? Plainview is out of reach until probably next week; he asked me to contact you. Any problems - let me know via the address included with this comment.
    Thank you.

      Got it! Overseas at the minute, but will get it sorted!

        Thanks Mark, the guys told me you were overseas (and that means busy). Plainview asked me to get into contact with you & I wanted to make sure I had sent the email in the right direction.
        Thank you.

    I've only been back from SF for a week!

    There is an Indian place that does GREAT pakora on (I think) 3rd and Market. Gie it a look. It should be nearby.

    And a wee shop on Pier 39 sell replica weapons like Master Swords and some AWESOME Batarangs. :)

    Hey Mark, I know there was a article posted by Kotaku US on the 16th of February, but I'm really trying to find out if the Mario All Stars set for Wii is going to be re-released on March 13th in the US, but was wondering if you could PLEASE PLEASE find out for me if it's going to be released here again. Thanks :)

      Any word on this?

    please tell me we are never ever ever going to be forced to use the abomination that is the kotaku US Site Mark

      use the abomination of a layout that is the kotaku US Site Mark

        Kotaku US is run by the Gawker group, whilst Kotaku AU is run by Allure Media. As such, it has been confirmed that the Australian site will *not* be getting the eye-gouging monstrosity that is the new US layout.

    I received your prize for community Kudos.
    Thanks muchly heaps. I don't mean to look a gift horse in the mouth...buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut...
    I have a little trouble...I don't have a BluRay Playa (YOH!).
    I was wondering if in future you could go back to the Wildggose stylings where he posted 3 prize packs and the winner could choose the most suitable?

      The Kotaku Big Pile of Crap?

      Maybe he's hinting that you should give up on a house and buy a PS3...

      ...and if you buy one of the old ones, it'll be cheap and you could probably live in it :D

      Wait, there's a prize for Community Kudos aside from having your name near a picture of a gorilla and a shark high fiving?

      I've had someone pimp this idea to me before - I think it's a good one. I'll do this from now on!

    Is there any information on what Jonathan Blow will be presenting at GDC?
    Also, is there any way for us at home to view the Experimental Gameplay Design section of GDC?

    Do you think 'Catherine' will be available in Australia?

    And do you think it will have any issues with being refused classification? If so, will much need to be edited/changed to Catherine to sneak it through?

    Have fun at the GDC.

    What are you top 10 favorite games of all time?

    To make it easier it doesn't have to be in a specific order :)

      It would take me all afternoon to answer this question alone! (Even with the no-particular-order caveat) :)

      Here goes - subject to change!

      - Zelda: A Link to the Past
      - Yoshi's Island
      - Metroid Prime
      - Monkey Island 2
      - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
      - Halo
      - Flower
      - Street Fighter 2
      - Secret of Mana
      - Super Mario Galaxy

        No Secret of Evermore?

        Son, i am dissapoint....

          Mana is the beter game but they're both great!

          Yoshi's island?? Great game, not nearlt as goo d as DK2.
          Actually I think I like SMW better too.

    Why did you re-bump the previous weeks topic and not a fresh one?


      Hahah! Because I didn't answer last weeks questions and I felt bad! Going to go through all of them this afternoon.

        Suuuuure you are...

          After reading Mx...*VOMIIIIIIIT*

            Only hipsters don't read mX - ARE YOU A HIPSTER?

              Sure if it means I don't have to read that!
              Do I get a free iPhone? And a bicycle?
              If so then I'm in!

              mX rules! there is just enough in it for me for my trip home on the train...

              Sure it's not an overly serious publication, but that's the best part, such a light hearted read at the end of the day!

                Well, popular opinion wins again. I give up.
                Mx is a a really good newspaper. It has very important news. I am happy that everyone reads it.

    What's your favourite Pokemon? Also are you getting Black or White?

      Jiggly Puff!

      Not too big a fan of Pokemon. Probably won't play either I'm afraid!

        Why Jiggly Puff? do you have trouble sleeping? (NOTE: not being a big pokemon fan you may need someone to explain this)

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