Assassin’s Creed Fans, What Happened Here?

Assassin’s Creed Fans, What Happened Here?

Near the conclusion of the new Da Vinci Disappearance missions available for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, a character discovers what seem like map coordinates. Where do they point? Google maps has the spoiler.

The coordinates are 43 19 39 N, 75 27 42 W, which, according to Google Maps, points to a small bit of land near a lake, behind some houses in Turin, New York, a small upstate town just north of… Rome, New York.

In the Da Vinci Disappearance, Assassin’s Creed, Leonard Da Vinci shrugs off the numbers, saying the numbers are meaningless. Well, then let someone else find meaning. Fans on an Assassin’s Creed message board have been poring over satellite imagery and think they’ve spotted signs that a crater was recently formed in that area some time in the last 12 years.

With a new Assassin’s Creed game expected later this year, there is plenty of speculation of where the series, having thoroughly plumbed Renaissance Rome for its last two major releases, might go next. The French Revolution? America, like around upstate New York or something?

Expecting no real answer, I asked a public relations man at Assassin’s Creed publisher Ubisoft what fans should make of these numbers.

His response: “That is up to them.”


NOTE: An earlier version of this post transposed two of the coordinates, moving the Google Maps point a little off target. I’ve corrected it and updated the lead image to point you to the correct place, which is still near Rome, NY. You can watch the end of the mission in which they are revealed yourself, to see how the numbers are discussed.


  • I really hope an new AC game doesn’t come out this year. Thatd make 3 AC games in 3 years, which qualifies as milking in my book.
    Then again I expect nothing less from the sequel generation

    • Its already confirmed there is one this year.

      I don’t mind yearly releases, if they’re like AC:Brotherhood which was a fantastic game that was complete in itself.

      Its milking when they make no real changes or effort to update the game..

      Like Guitar Hero had done to it.

  • I really hope the 3rd AC isn’t in fricken NEW YORK!! God talk about overkill on a single fricken city


  • I feel sorry for the residents of that house. They are about to get an amry of overweight, hairy geeks dressed up as Ezio trying to parkour over their fence.

  • That’s a lot of planning by Ubisoft.

    Digging a crater 12 years ago, in order to link it to a cutscene in a game… in the hope that the public could access GPS one day.

    Much respect.

  • My hope: Assassin’s Creed 3 in early 2013 and set around the American War for Independence with a new character (who is Ezio’s ancestor and a new migrant to the New World of Italian background) and a British general being a templar and the main antagonist. Freeing cities from British control + assassinations on British collaborators and redcoat fanatics.

  • Ezio’s ancestor AND an American immigrant? Now that would be revolutionary.

    I think you mean Ezio would be an ancestor of the new character.

  • Wait..the co ords sent me to cancun cause it’s 43.39.19N-75.27.42W? I just finished the dlc and that’s what I got…any ideas whats going on

  • Being from this area in central New York, I would find this pretty cool if Assassin’s Creed III were set here. A lot of history, especially around the American Revolution.

  • You got the coordinates wrong, they are 43 39′ 19″n, 75 27′ 42″w and just to the left there is a big hole in the ground. Possibly the location of the library, and the coordinates of where the the van is when Desmond snaps out of his coma

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