Aussie Nintendo Store: Bomber, Man!

No you're not seeing things, it's a Nintendo 64 game for the Virtual Console - and a third party one at that! It's not very often we see either of those, so saviour it. Bomberman fans will know this, but this game has absolutely no multiplayer in it - read on!

Bomberman Hero (Nintendo 64, Hudson Soft, 1000 Points) - Bomberman Hero is a weird game, well not that weird, plenty of games have no Multiplayer, it's just that no expects a Bomberman game to be missing it. Yes, Hero is completely a Bomberman adventure game - so it's an acquired taste.

If you're hankering for some classic multiplayer Bomberman action, look for the Turbographx version on the Virtual Console instead.

That sounded way too much like an advert. Steak knives anyone?


    Oh ok... I thought I was going mad with my vivid recollections of Bomberman 64 multiplayer.

    About time

    Wait, what? I could have sworn that Bomberman 64 had local multiplayer... so why is it an omission on the VC version?

      COS IT"S bomberman hero not 64!

      Bad choice of artwork reallly!

    If i remember correctly, Bomberman 64 had multiplayer. Bomberman Hero might not have. My point being, your screenshot is wrong :P

    I knew someone would point it out. Yes Mark has the picture wrong, he's in another time zone so we'll cut him some slack :P

    I was gonn say _ I remember MP on Bomberman64 but I've never played Hero

    Aaaah memories. Bomberman 64 had absolutely brutal puzzles to get the hidden extras in some levels. And one of the bonus levels (after getting 100 gold cards) took hours to beat.

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