Aussie Nintendo Store - Fantasy Bingo

It's another Friday, so you know what that means? Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes after that. But that's neither here nor there, it's Friday, Friday and it's time for an update.

WiiWare BINGO PARTY Deluxe (Ateam Inc. - 500 Points) - Yes it's a bingo game from the A-Team. Well alright it's not that A-Team but it is a bingo game so I wasn't completely lying to you. It's a fresh one so no one knows much about it, but it's bingo. Might be something to shout out about.

Virtual Console Final Fantasy III (Super Nintendo, 900 points) - At long last Final Fantasy III comes to our fair continent. This one was never released in Europe so for your patience you get to pay a nice 900 points for the pleasure of playing this classic.

WiiWare Demo Learning with the PooYoos: Episode 2

I also have to apologise for last week, I didn't do an update because there wasn't anything when I checked the store. This didn't surprise me in the least but it did turn out there was one DSiWare game called Shapo for 500 points that did indeed come out.

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    Give up Vook. The Wii is dead.

      A do believe the 'Wii' is inanimate object that can neither be or alive or dead. A bit like Charlie Sheen.

    DAMN YOU VOOKS!!! i hope you have a very Rebecca Black Friday; I know i'll be having one - thank you indeed. To hell with it, give me two Rebecca Black Fridays - i can take it!! Give me three!!! DON'T TEST ME!!! On the other hand, thank you in earnest for the timely bingo update, and not a moment too soon; pass me my blue rinse and incontinence pads - post haste - i'm going in!!!!!

    Just sent my Wii off to Ninty HQ to have the content swapped from my old/dead console to my new one... FFIII will have to wait :(

    Well... FF6 wasn't released in Europe on the Super NES... The PlayStation and GameBoy rereleases were released here. Whatevs though, I downloaded it. Now I've got 3 versions... <_<

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