Aussie Nintendo Store - Here's Wally

I haven't done one of those 'bitch about how many games we miss out' posts for a while. This week we get two games out of a total five that Europe would have gotten. But that's about as far I'm going to go on this one, you know the drill, so let's just look at what we are getting.

WiiWare Where's Wally? Fantastic Journey 1 (Ludia, 500 points) - Wally has finally found himself on the Wii, but as usual you'll have to nail down his exact position. This Wii version of the game contains all the usual 'single player' fun as well as local multiplayer for double the Wally finding fun.

DSiWare DodoGo! Robo (Neko Entertainment, 200 points) - The next game in the DodoGo! series, yeah you're forgiven if you haven't heard of it before.

According to the American ratings board it's a puzzle game where you guide eggs through a maze. A puzzle game on DSiWare? Never seen that before.

Demo - Fast Draw Showdown (WiiWare)

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    I recently tried the Wii Ware demo of Cave Story. My first time trying the game. I really, really liked it. But I thought it was more suited to a handheld experience personally. So I look up Cave Story for DSi Ware for when my 3DS arrives and guess what... only in North America. I am pissed.

      Get it for PC then.

        >"it seems like it's suited to a handheld"
        >"oh, then get it on pc"

        i think you need to reread that.

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