Batman: Detroit Rock City

After a couple of people mentioned that the above Batman screenshot made it look like he was somehow playing guitar whilst perched above a pit (note: Batman could totally do that if he wanted to) Kotaku reader Neil Williams decided to make it happen for real - through the magic of photoshop. I'm now inviting you, Kotaku reader to drop in your best captions in the comments below.

Drop your captions in the comments below - if anyone else creates show awesome photoshops, I'll drop them into the main post.


    Pic very related

    Batman: Kicking ass and shredding riffs.

    What kind of music would Batman play??

    I'm partial to Disturbed - Indestructible.

      Oh, and as for caption....

      Dark Knight covers 'Ring of Fire!'

    No flashy comments yet, but I think we can all agree that Bruce Wayne isn't The God Damn Batman.

    Eddie Riggs is The God Damn Batman!

    Here's a little something I whipped up at lunch

    My photoshop wont open :(

    "Axe-tion packed!"

    High five!



      Damn you, CosmicF! My monitor is now covered in my beverage of choice!

    Am I the only one to have thought of this?

      I was actually going to go with the Guitar Hero controller initially, but as soon as I saw the Batman-themed guitar, I knew it was a match made in heaven.

    Thank you Tech Knight for making this vision a reality.

    Somehow, though, all I can imagine him playing is the old Adam West Batman theme...

    And just when you thought Bobby Kotick could not f**k anything else up.....

    I'm really glad got a kick out of these Mark, but I figured that I should point out that I am not Tech Knight (although I hear that guy's awesome). I am just plain ol' mild-mannered Neil Williams. ^^

      Oh crap. So sorry. Will fix immediately.

        'Tis all good, kind sir! I'm just flattered that you found it post-worthy. :-)

    Devil came Down to Georgia ain't got nothin' on the Bat!

    For those that are curious, this is what he is playing

    This just makes me wish Rocksteady would make a game based on 'The Crow'
    If anyone could do it properly, its these guys

      I was thinking the exact same thing while playing Arkham Asylum the other day.

    Might as well have made it in Paint...using Photoshop with those results is just plain disappointing.

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