Batman Doesn't Just Let Random Superheroes Wander Into The Batcave

Even a comic book-based video game requires a little suspension of disbelief. Take the Batcave Inner Sanctum group combat raid from DC Universe Online, in which Batman enlists a group of newbie heroes to protect his most sacred of places.

"Wow, Batman. Your inner sanctum is directly under Wayne Manor? How weird is that?"

Right, this is a scenario that isn't going to happen. Maybe Bruce Wayne would give Clark Kent a ring if he was really hard-pressed, but I can't see him inviting the Stevanator and Hawkguy into the Batcave if Annihilus himself showed up and started trashing the place.

Yes, I know Annihilus is a Marvel villain. It's still more likely that he'd show up than Bruce Wayne would let newperheroes touch his giant coin.


    Well they Might use the JLA Teleporter to get them into the cave however I do agree that Batman wouldn't have noobs in the Batcave.

    To be fair you can only do that mission at level 30 which is current cap. On top of that you'd need tier 1 gear which means you've likely beaten up doomsday and others multiple times so not really a newbiehero anymore at this point...

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