Battlefield 3 Does Not Skimp On The Face-Punching

Most of this new Battlefield 3 trailer consists of lighting effects and people being shot. What's got me interested is the fisticuffs in the middle.

That looked like some kind of fancy, scripted quick-time-event scenario. In a Battlefield game. Given these trailers are from the game's singleplayer campaign, that shouldn't surprise you, but this being a multiplayer game, it'll be interesting to see how much of that carries over into melee attacks against a human opponent.


    12 minute reveal April 17?? Even more tasty !!!

    Looks cool, but I still don't care about single player. Normally I would stress that a game with multi should have some SP,'s Battlefield.

    Show me some 64/128 player action.

      I tend to think of Singleplay as an interactive story. Look at Crysis 2 or Assassins Creed and even Mass Effect, great stories. As for the Multi I really miss the old BF days with Bots in Desert Combat where my mates and I can do stupid shite... Think Multi is just getting too serious these days.
      MW2 Spec Ops and Black Ops training mode was a good idea, like to see that expanded.

      what he said. i didn't even touch the campaign in bad company 2. show me some multiplayer and then you've peaked my interests.

    I only took two things from this trailer:
    1. How did he go from crawling on his belly in the extremely tight air vents, to going down the hole feet first?
    2. How long until we get a game where looking down a scope doesn't also zoom in everything else AROUND the scope (your peripheral vision)?

      Im Quite sure Splinter Cell Conviction had that, and I'm positive Ive played a game in the last year with that feature.

      (But I agree more games need to have it)

      Pretty sure Crysis did it too, your right about the feet thing though, whats with that?

    Were those QTE indicators I saw in the lower corners of the screen during that fistfight?

      That's what I thought, hopefully it's only for MP.

    This is going to be SWEET. <3 DICE. A lot.

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