Battlefield 3 Hits Snipers Right Where It Hurts

You've been here before - pinned down by a sniper. But something about Battlefield feels fresh and immediate. This might be modern warfare, but that doesn't mean this is old hat, not by a damn sight.

This clip shows troops moving to the rooftops to take out a sniper. Everything is measured, deliberate and well-paced. And the pay-off? Kerpow!

[Thanks Edvard!]


    "And the pay-off?"

    More like... KABOOM!

    Sniper - "Rocket Fag..."
    Soldier - "Loser..."

    I like this, and I know it's only "pre alpha" but the sniper shots are too too much. I would've expected that each you got fired upon you'd feel some kind of anxiety. At the start it's like that, but then it just keeps going even when hes handing you that launcher.

    Plus it would've made it that much cooler if when it goes into slowmotion a bullet whizzes past some guys head (or yours) then you fire.

    But apart from being a negative nancy I am pumped

      I dont know about the rest of what your saying, but your right bout the slo-mo bullet thing, that would look sweet!

      Also @Ollie (/nerdrant/), the AT4 is far more likely to take down that building than a javlin, for starters, the javelin incorperates a guidance system into the warhead, reducing the amount of explosives and relying instead on its armour peircing tip to penetrate enough to do serious damage to the tank. Secondly, the AT4 fires HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank) rounds, making it far more powerful (in terms of explosive power) than the javelin missile, at the cost of being an unguided, direct-fire weapon. Finally, the bulding itself appeared to already be damaged, most likely from the earthquake in the earlier video, hence why the rocket caused the reaction depicted.(/endnerdrant/)

    So disappointed.

    If I wanted to play CoD or BC I would. I want to play BATTLEFIELD dammit!

    Looked kind of cool but also looks very scripted. Likely those bullets would hit the exact same place every time. And even though its nitpicking I found it kind of dumb for the soldiers to run from cover to cover one after another with the exact same timing each time. As soon as the first person stepped out the sniper would aim there and then hit the second.

    That's about as unrealistic as you can get. For one, no sniper would just pot-shot like that. For two, I'd like to see an AT4 take out a building. It's an anti-armour weapon, a Javelin MAY have enough grunt to make a bit more of a mess, but highly doubtful with an AT4.

      Agreed. World's worst sniper. I also agree with 706 but why make more comments. I, and several other people, noticed that it's total BS. I'm just amazed the developers didn't notice.

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