Battlefield Bad Company 2 Reborn As A Tabletop Game

In July 2010, internet person Akula started a new project - and a very ambitious project at that. Akula wanted to turn video game Battlefield Bad Company 2 into a tabletop game.

Writes Akula, "My plan is to build a table, based upon the 'Arica Harbour' map, in BF:BC2, paint up the necessary miniatures/vehicles represented by the game, AND write a set of fastplay rules that replicate the character of the PC/console game, so that playing the tabletop wargame isn't 'just another modern skirmish game.'"

It's 2011, and Akula is still hard at work. There's a project blog for folks to follow the game's progress. Akula adds, "If you have played the Arica Harbour map, from the Battlefield Bad Company 2 game, hopefully it is beginning to look a bit familiar - the construction site board is almost ready, apart from painting the buildings, and making some chainlink fencing."

More in the link below.

Akula's Battlefield Blog [Blogspot Thanks, Oshrilkal!]


    It's not authentic until it has wookies hiding behind every bush and in every upstairs window.

      Very true. I wish the 1000ticket server had this map in its rotation.

      Say hello to my little friend, Mr. Gustav and Mr. RPG

    Now this is what you call a game

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