Battleheart Is A Touching Take On Strategy Role-Playing

Bringing together a party of four diverse fantasy adventures on the field of battle has never been quite as touching as it is in Mika Mobile's Battleheart for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Battleheart isn't a full-fledged role-playing game, nor is it a feature-packed real-time strategy game. Instead, it distills those two genres down to their most simplistic forms to create a bite-sized adventure that makes up for its overall lack of depth with a heaping helping of character.

The goal is to assemble the greatest group of heroes the kingdom has ever seen, guiding them in battle with your fingertips. Draw a line between your knight and an enemy monster, and your knight begins attacking. Draw a line between your healer and the knight, and your knight gets healed until you tell the healer to focus on another character.

As you play through Battleheart's 30-plus levels your characters gain experience points, earn and upgrade new weapons and equipment, and unlock special powers that even the odds against the endless hordes of monster fodder and bosses you'll battle. Stick with your original four heroes, or raise multiple parties at once, mixing and matching for maximum efficiency.

Coupled with adorable graphics, Battleheart's simplistic take on the strategy RPG speaks to me, and while there's definitely room for more content, what I got for $3.99 was well worth the price.

Battleheart [iTunes App Store]


    Fantastic, thats just so simple, yet it looks great and looks like it plays great.

    Why did I think of that?


    I must say, this left me really cold. Each to their own, but for "simple" I found "shallow". It has a very nice tone to it, but I got bored of it very quickly.

    It sure looks pretty and had as a little bit of RPG depth but it loses that shine after a sort time.

    I've put about 3 hours into it and now i can firmly say that in later fights, despite using nearly the same party since the start of the game..fights really drag. They simply go on for way too long and offer very little reward via gold / gear.

    The other issue is that despite its main appeal being able to draw lines to stuff to attack or heal, this becomes VERY frustrating if you have two melee as you often find the game might start saying you just targed the monk, when you really wanted to click your warrior to activate the shield that would of saved his life.

    Theres also a very limited auto-attack system. Sometimes a hero might be destroying a bat while a hero standing very close to him has decided that doing nothing is a good course of action.

    It could really use some buttons in order to instantly pick a party member instead of having to pray to god that your drawing a heal line to the person who needs it.

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