Be Aggressive, Be Adaptive In Deus Ex Human Revolution

Still hungry for more Deus Ex Human Revolution gameplay? You just got, like, eight minutes' worth of Eidos Montreal's take on Deus Ex, but here's a little more, illustrating the myriad ways augmented operative Adam Jensen can deal with his enemies.


    Funny to see that after the backlash to the horrible highlighting in the last video they've gone back to a mostly HUD-less one this time.

    I wonder if there will be a menu option to play the game with any other colours BESIDES amber.

      Hey it's now brown.

      It's the CSI: Miami Caruso effect in play. Somehow Caruso has made it to the future and is outside somewhere causing that god awful orange glare due to the reflection off his hair.

    I have a horrible feeling after watching that that it is going to be like Alpha Protocol.

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