Becoming A Badass Master Of The Force In The Old Republic

Becoming A Badass Master Of The Force In The Old Republic

In the latest video from BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic we get a look at what the discriminating Jedi Knight will wear as he progresses through the ranks in the upcoming MMO, or how to dress for Jedi success.

The Jedi Knight class in The Old Republic is looking to be the most popular choice for eager light-sided players. Looking over the roster of The Kotaku Alliance guild, Knights outnumber everyone else except for the undecided, many of which will likely make up their minds after watching this video.

Bah, whatever. Smuggler for life!


  • Seems like it’s going to be a good MMO, but the class ratio is going to be horribly unbalanced, more than likely it’s going to be 70% force based classes at the beginning before people realize that the other roles need filling.

  • You know I’ve been following the whole TOR videos for a while now and I’ve noticed something new in this video.

    In previous videos you swung a lightsaber and it went through the enemy and they suffered x points (like all other MMOs), which I always thought looked silly but was somewhat inevitable.

    In here, every time a lightsaber hits someone they die. Which I think is the result of careful editing. It certainly makes it feel more powerful to be a Jedi, but he fact that they are hiding / faking their actual fighting system at this stage is a bad sign.

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